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Figure 4.12 CreatesHomeInsurancePolicy activity diagram.
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The Level 2 UML meta-model (see Figure 2.19) describes the rules that govern the relationships between elements on the diagram as well as among various diagrams. For example, the UML meta-model can state that class speci cations have attributes and operations. This sets the rule for the relationship between a class and its corresponding attributes and operations. This rule simply ensures that it is a class that contains attributes and not the reverse, as such, and any CASE tool that wants to provide the facility for class diagrams will have to conform to this rule. Meta-models enable UML to be extended in its visual representation (notations and diagrams) so long as it conforms to the UML meta-model. It is then left up to the users of UML to implement the extensions to it, guided by the objectives of the project. Although all UML-based CASE tools comply with the diagramming requirements of OMG, some tools are more conducive to sketching UML diagrams in the problem space, whereas others are more technical in nature and appropriate for the solution space. A further extension to this level of modeling, and mixing it with the concrete modeling Level 1, was presented at TOOLS31 in Nanjing, China, by Lauder and Kent (1999). In recounting their experience in a paper titled Two-Level Modelling, they state:
alleviate exertional dyspnea. Oxygen during exercise (increase in FIo2) and skeletal muscle conditioning also assists exercise tolerance.
A few characteristics of the computer poker realm can be pretty jarring when you first run across them. The most obvious examples: the speed of play, the type of opponent you encounter, and the way your focus changes when you don t have a real-world poker-playing environment around you.
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