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Qualification System Changes
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Basagni et al. (2008) addressed single-sink relocation by modeling it as a mixed integer linear programming (MILP) problem. The sensory eld is partitioned into a two-dimensional grid. The set S of grid points, called sink sites, are the candidate locations that the sink may visit. The sink moves step by step, each step to a site within a prede ned range dMAX ; it has to stay at a site for at least a prede ned tmin number of time units. When the sink is traveling, it is considered not reachable, and thus sensors hold their data and do not transmit. The holding time can be tuned by adjusting the granularity of grid division and the value of dMAX . Network-wide ooding is used by the sink to notify sensors of its location and reachability. Sink site set S and maximum step-moving distance dMAX de ne a graph. The MILP problem is to determine the initial sink site, sink relocation path, and
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Toys of the 21st Century
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Victoria tells Bob that the value of a business is determined by considering three approaches. 1. Income approach. 2. Market approach. 3. Asset (or cost) approach. The income approach is a general way of determining the value using a method to convert anticipated financial benefits, such as cash f lows, into a present single amount. This approach is based on the concept that the value of something is its expected future benefits expressed in present value dollars. (A simple example of present value is that a dollar received a year from now is worth less than a dollar today.) The market approach is a general way of determining a value comparing the asset to similar assets that have been sold. For example, real estate appraisals using the market approach rely on the sales prices of comparable properties. In business valuation, it is sometimes possible to locate similar businesses that have sold and are appropriate to use as guidelines in the appraisal. The asset approach is a general way of determining the value based on the individual values of the assets of that business less its liabilities. The company s balance sheet serves as a starting point for this approach. The proper application requires that all of the business s assets be identified. Often, the balance sheet prepared in accordance with general accepted accounting principals does not include assets that have been created within the company such as goodwill and other intangible assets. Once all the company assets and liabilities have been identified, each one is valued separately.
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Managing the relationship with your lawyer is an area where clients often fall short. In this section of the chapter, we look at some ideas for managing the relationship with your lawyer more effectively.
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4.1 The term recognition refers to when an entity should record an asset or liability initially on its balance sheet. 4.2 The principle for recognition under IAS 39 is that an entity should recognize a financial asset or financial liability on its balance sheet when, and only when, the entity becomes a party to the contractual provisions of the instrument. This means that an entity recognizes all its contractual rights and obligations that give rise to financial assets or financial liabilities on its balance sheet. 4.3 A consequence of IAS 39 s recognition requirement is that a contract to purchase or sell a financial instrument at a future date is itself a financial asset or financial liability that is recognized in the balance sheet today. The contractual rights and obligations are recognized when the entity becomes a party to the contract rather than when the transaction is settled. Accordingly, derivatives are recognized in the financial statements even though the entity may have paid or received nothing on entering into the derivative. 4.4 Planned future transactions and other expected transactions, no matter how likely, are not recognized as financial assets or financial liabilities because the entity has not yet become a party to a contract. Thus, a forecast transaction is not recognized in the financial statements even though it may be highly probable. In the absence of any right or obligation, there is no financial asset or financial liability to recognize.
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Practicing Evidence-Based Psychopharmacotherapy
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Last, the sublessor may allow a sublessee to use some or all of the furniture and equipment currently in the office space at little or no cost to the sublessee. As discussed more fully later, furniture, fixtures, and equipment can account for a large portion of the start-up costs of any business, including the professional services firm. However, as with office design and finish-out, the sublessor will have already incurred the cost of furnishing and equipping the office space that it intends to sublease and, as a result, may be willing to allow the sublessee to use its furniture and equipment during the term of the sublease. The cost of using the furniture and equipment presently in the office space can simply be rolled into the amount per square foot that the sublessee agrees to pay under the sublease. Alternatively, the sublessee can offer to purchase all or a portion of the sublessor s furniture, which, as discussed more fully later, would still save the firm significant money over buying new furniture and paying for delivery. The subject of furniture and equipment is one of many potential points of negotiation between the sublessor and sublessee and may not even be an option if the sublessor is moving its entire business operation to another location. Nonetheless, in negotiating a sublease, the firm should consider these options. Subleasing office space can be accomplished in different ways. The sublessee can assume a portion of an existing lease and share common areas and facilities with the primary tenant. On the one hand, such an alternative provides the firm with an opportunity to get to know the primary tenant and possibly obtain business and business referrals from the primary tenant. On the other hand, if the primary tenant is a competitor of the sublessee or there are other compatibility problems that cannot be resolved, sharing common space with the primary tenant may not make sense. One way to assume only a portion of the existing lease and avoid or minimize sharing common areas with the primary tenant is to construct a wall dividing the sublessor s office space from the sublessee and construct a separate entrance. Such construction adds to the upfront costs associated with the sublease, and the sublessee and sublessor must determine who will pay for the construction. How much these considerations impact the agreement will depend on the individual firms need for privacy, security and a separate identity within the office space. An alternative to assuming only a portion of an existing lease is to take over the entire lease. This type of situation often arises when the sublessor already has or is considering relocating its entire office to another location. In sum, there are various ways in which the professional services firm can go about subleasing office space. Subleasing office space provides the firm with an opportunity to save significant upfront capital on a variety of fronts, including security deposits, rent, finish-out, and furniture. On the negative side, however, subleases are often shorter in term than regular leases, and the sublessee may be forced to cooperate and coordinate with the sublessor on common areas, reception management, signage in the space, security and privacy issues.
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As we move towards our 25th year of publishing, we find that so much has changed in the world we write about. Yet somehow, a surprising amount of things are almost exactly the same. Let s look at where technology has taken us. Obviously, nothing has stood still in the hardware and software universe. In 1984, ten megabytes of storage was still more than what most people had access to. Those few who even had their own computers would, more often than not, wind up shuffling five and a quarter inch floppies before they would invest in an expensive piece of hardware like a hard disk. And speed was a mere fraction of a fraction of what it is today. If you could communicate at 300 baud, it was considered lightning fast to most people. Of course, there were those who were always pushing to go faster and get more. It was this incessant need for expansion and improvement that got us where we are today.
* Also known as dead-ball drill training.
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