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Now it gets tricky. The Recipients collection is a collection of cfRecipient objects, which simply hold a name and e-mail address. This is a custom collection. The Add method accepts a name and address. Use the Add method for each address you wish to send the message to. Then, call the Send method. If you specify a Timeout number of seconds, then the Send method will not return until either the message has been sent, or the time has expired. If you don t specify a number of seconds, Send will return immediately, and you can use the MessageSent and NNTPError events to determine when and if the message is sent.
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Assets Investments Property Investments contracts Insurance contracts Other assets Liabilities Equity Insurance liabilities Investment contract liabilities Other liabilities IAS/IFRS IAS 39 IAS 16/40 IAS 18 IFRS 4 various IAS 32/39 IFRS 4 IAS 39 various
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Table 3.2
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various ways to interlink RDF data, DAML, and small bits of code to generate interesting results in various contexts.  For example, DAML Agenda comprises an ontology and supporting tools for large meeting agendas. It can accommodate shuf ing and resizing of talks during meeting planning, and can generate an archival HTML record of the meeting (by providing links to speakers and brie ngs). The Agenda is available as a service and, using the URL, can be referenced to a DAML representation of the talk parameters. The Use Cases The W3C motivated OWL (or Web ontologies in general) by referring to six use cases as a cross-section of representative use in the Semantic Web.  Web portals, in the context of de ning community ontologies that enable users to declare and nd related-interest content more ef ciently. A cited example portal is OntoWeb (  Multimedia collections, in the context of semantic annotations for collections of images, audio, or other non-textual objects.  Corporate Web site management, in the context of broader and semantic indexing of stored documents to provide more intelligent retrieval.  Design documentation, in the context of managing large, multi-typed collections of engineering documentation that are part of different hierarchical structures.  Agents and services, in the context of providing delegated task ful lment for the user. An example given is a social activities planner that can compose proposed programs for the user based on user preferences and Web-published calendars and events.  Ubiquitous computing, by which is meant a shift away from dedicated computing machinery to pervasive computing capabilities embedded in our everyday environments. We explore many of these topics in Part III when considering future implementations. Demonstration Implementation The OWL Working Group request for recommendation (see rqim.html) listed a number of then working implementations of OWL that could be used to validate the design, in addition to noting that OWL tools had been used to generate the supporting comment lists. Until late 2003 the WG maintained a page detailing testing by implementation category (at The results of this testing led the WG to believe the implementation experience was suf cient to merit widespread deployment. Some examples follow:  The Horns project (described in ), developed for the intelligence community by the DARPA DAML project.  The AKT Portal ( at the University of Southampton, largely ontologybased and using OWL.
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Video Standards
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These transaction elements are contained within a transactions element wrapper. When you group these transactions by their type, for example, you might add wrapper elements at the group level and copy the transactions themselves at the item level (omitting the type attribute, as that information is now available from the hierarchy). The following XML shows the result the XML shown in bold is generated at the group level; the rest is generated at the item level:
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The Semantic Web
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