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This is the same as Chocolate Pastry Cream, above.
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5.6 Hash Functions
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Dreamweaver automatically fill these values in for you. Optionally, you can set individual specifications for Title & Alt, Border, Link, and Target. When making these entries, do not insert special characters, such as apostrophes: They may disrupt the JavaScript code generated by the Extension. Click OK to complete the command. A warning appears, asking you to enable visual aids to see the inserted object. Click OK to continue because you already did this earlier in this step. A yellow invisible element icon appears on your screen. You may position it where you want the random image to appear.
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chemical tests, road crash prevention and, 268 70 chlordiazepoxide, 45, 63 detoxi cation and, 43, 43 (table) chlormethiazole, 35 detoxi cation and, 44 5 chlorpromazine, 55 cirrhosis of liver, 26, 706 7 citalopram, 62, 63 civil liability, road crash prevention and, 259 client anger, 122 Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol (CIWA-A), 46 cognitive assessment, 79 cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), 2, 69 82, 122, 124, 150 aims of, 75 6 empirical support for, 82 potential bene ts of, 82 principles of, 73 4 protocol for, 81 relapse and, 90 ( g.) see also behavioural therapy cognitive dissonance, 90 cognitive distortion, relapse and, 101 cognitive reframing, 94 cognitive restructuring, 81 cognitive therapy interventions, 79 81 relapse and, 92 commercialized broadcast media, 337 8 Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA), 289 90 community action programme, 239 40 Community Action Project (CAP), 287 90 mass media marketing/advocacy combination, 335 6 community-based surveys, comorbidity and, 141 2 Community Mobilization for the Prevention of Alcohol Related Injury (COMPARI) local-level prevention, 290 1 safe environments, 243 community reinforcement approach (CRA), 11 12 Community Trials Project, 221, 242 local-level prevention, 292 4 community-wide approaches, alcohol education in schools, 306 8 comorbidity, 15 16 antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), 151 2 anxiety, 148 51 community-based surveys, 141 2 depression, 148 51 integrated dual diagnosis treatment, 145 6 psychiatric disorders and, 9, 139 53
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Key questions to ask to assess the importance of retention equity to your customers:
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Brush the top with the desired wash: milk, cream, eggs and milk, or water. Sprinkle with granulated sugar if desired. Place the pie on the lower level of an oven preheated to 425 to 450 F (220 to 230 C). The high initial heat helps set the bottom crust to avoid soaking. Fruit pies are usually baked at this high heat until done. For custard pies, reduce the heat to 325 to 350 F (165 to 175 C) after 10 minutes to avoid overcooking and curdling the custard. Custard pies include those containing large quantities of egg, such as pumpkin pie and pecan pie. Figure 34.1 Preparing baked pies.
Advertising standards shifted to self-regulation with commercialization of the broadcasting media, under an Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) set up by statute. Outlet ads, then sponsorship ads, then brand advertising in 1992, were permitted without reference to Parliament. A Broadcasting Standards Authority is responsible for saturation and alcohol in programme content. The ASA s Code on Liquor Advertising now covers all brand and sponsorship advertising. Ads are pre-vetted. The Complaints Board and review committees have some non-industry members.
Tool Chain
domain and that Nehemiah had no business meddling. As the high priest, he knew far better than Nehemiah, a layman, what was permitted in that domain and what was not, for he was heir to priestly tradition learned at the knee of his father and his grandfather. If it were not for the written text, Eliashib would surely have had the better of the argument, though Nehemiah with his governor s power could still have done as he wished. But the written text, read aloud for all to hear, allowed Nehemiah to trump Eliashib s claims based on the ancestral traditions of the priesthood in the name of preserving the holiness of the Temple. Thus, on the one hand the Torah provided a warrant for the Temple and its cult, but on the other hand it left the Temple and its officials vulnerable to criticism for failing to fulfill their duties. That criticism was especially likely to come from those learned in the Torah, though many scribes, like Ezra, were also priests by ancestry. We shall see that criticism of the priests and the way they run the Temple is an important theme of some apocalypses, but, as with Nehemiah s criticism, this later criticism of the cult grows out of the desire to see the highest standards maintained for priesthood and Temple. Prophecy did not disappear with the destruction of the First Temple. Indeed, as we have seen, there were prophets who comforted the exiled Israelites in Babylonia while other prophets played an important role in encouraging the community of the return to complete the building of the new Temple. Nonetheless the authoritative status of the written text of the Torah made prophecy less important. Now that the Torah was publicly available, it did not take a prophet to discern God s will. Instead textual interpretation became increasingly central. It is significant that the prophecies of Zechariah from the time of the building of the Second Temple take the form not of the direct speech of the Lord typical of prophecy before the destruction but of visions to be deciphered by an angel. As we shall see, the apocalypses develop still further the idea of prophecy as interpretation. In 333 Alexander of Macedon began the campaigns that made him ruler of lands from Greece to India by bringing an end to the Persian empire; by 332 Yehud was under his control. With Alexander s death in 323, his vast empire was divided among his
Using CDs and DVDs
TABLE 2.2 Bank Performance BANK NAME (INDEX = 100% ON January 1, 1992) Bank Austria EuroHypo Banca di Roma Natexis bq pop Baden W rttembergische Bank Banesto IKB Deutsche Industriebank Vereins- & Westbank Bankgesellschaft Berlin Okobank Bca. Toscana Bnc. Prtg. Atlantico RheinHyp INDEX ON December 31, 1999 76.29% 93.33% 101.27% 110.72% 120.58% 126.99% 133.13% 168.83% 171.70% 190.15% 193.07% 214.21% 215.84%
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Function UnboundMoveFirst( frm As Form, _ frmRS As DAO.Recordset) As Integer Dim ctlName As String Dim x As Integer Dim lngReturn As Long On Error GoTo HandleError frmRS.MoveFirst For x = 0 To frmRS.Fields.Count - 1 ctlName = frmRS.Fields(x).Name frm.Controls(ctlName).Value = frmRS.Fields(x).Value Next x ExitHere: Exit Function HandleError: Call ErrorRoutine, specifying zero retries: lngReturn = ErrorRoutine(0) GoTo ExitHere End Function
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