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Functional Specification
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Brand Strategy and author of Brand Asset Management. In addition, he is an adjunct professor at Northwestern University s Kellogg Graduate School of Management and guest lecturer at other graduate schools. He received his bachelor s degree in marketing management from the University of Illinois and a master s degree in marketing, nance, and management strategy from Kellogg. Mr. Davis is a contributing writer for BrandWeek and has published articles in the Journal of Consumer Marketing, the Journal of Product and Brand Management, Marketing News, Management Review, and New Product News. He can be reached by mail at Prophet Brand Strategy, 221 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, IL 60601, or by fax at (312) 879-1940. Prophet Brand Strategy maintains an Internet site at http://www.prophet. com.
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The brand portfolio structure provides a way of grouping brands to clarify their logical relationships. For example, if you are a hotel chain, such as Marriott, you might group your various brands by segment (business vs. leisure travelers), product (overnight vs. extended stay), quality (luxury vs. economy), and so on. Alternatively, say Aaker and Joachimsthaler, you might nd it helpful to clarify the relationships among your brands by drawing a brand family tree or hierarchical chart much like the organization chart in Figure 3.1.
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In order to become a successful options trader, one must also develop an understanding of basic concepts such as option quotes, symbols, exercise and assignment, types of brokerage accounts, and the key factors that determine options prices. This chapter is designed to help build a foundation for successful options trading by providing a primer on these option basics. Simply put, options give you the ability to control an underlying stock (or other nancial instrument) that the option is written on. Each stock option controls 100 shares of the underlying stock. If you are buying an option, you will have the right, but not the obligation, to buy (in the case of a call) or sell (in the case of a put) a stock at a speci c price by a certain date. Option sellers, in contrast, have the obligation to deliver (call) or purchase (put) the underlying stock at a speci c price by a certain date. In other words, option buyers have rights, while option sellers have obligations and the additional risk should the option holder exercise the option. If you nd a stock that you are interested in trading options on, simply ask your broker whether it has options, or access the Optionetics web site to search for option chains. 3 of the main text also provides an in-depth discussion of the difference between put and call options. Particular attention is paid to strike prices, premiums, expiration dates, and recognizing whether an option is in-the-money, at-the-money, or out-of-the-money. These topics are extremely important to the active options trader. Initially such concepts 31
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Beyond SAP R/3 Integrated Activity-Based Costing
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Carrier Infrastructure and Optical Networking
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Malcolm Gladwell is the author of the best-seller The Tipping Point. He is a
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Bitwise operators are similar to logical operators except that bitwise operators operate on buses and return the logic result in bus form. For example, if
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23: System Evaluation and Assurance
A frittata is a at omelet that originated in Italy.The same basic techniques are used for many popular American preparations. Flat omelets are made by mixing beaten eggs with a variety of ingredients,such as vegetables,meats,or cheese,and cooking the mixture over low heat without stirring.To nish, it is either ipped over or run under the broiler or into the oven until the top is set. A popular American frittata (actually derived from the Chinese egg foo yung) is the Western omelet, containing diced saut ed onion, green bell pepper, and ham.
Stages of Treatment
Tutorial: Adding sound to an animation
The following characters are used to compose the Input Mask string:
= chemical energy
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