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Continuous Nonlinearities
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Snacking is essential if you want to lose weight, because it keeps your hunger under control. Ideally, you want to eat something every three hours so you don't become ravenous and eat everything in sight at your next meal. The ideal snack should contain no more than 250 calories and those calories should not be from refined carbohydrates, otherwise your blood sugar will spike and then drop, triggering more hunger. As with everything you eat, your snack should have a little protein and fat in it. This way it will satisfy you longer. Here's a list of my favorite snacks. Feel free to add your own as long as you follow my "healthy snack" guidelines.
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6.1 Laplace Transform. Inverse Transform. Linearity. s-Shifting 221 6.2 Transforms of Derivatives and Integrals. ODEs 227 6.3 Unit Step Function. t-Shifting 233 6.4 Short Impulses. Dirac's Delta Function. Partial Fractions 241 6.5 Convolution. Integral Equations 248 6.6 Differentiation and Integration of Transforms. 254 6.7 Systems of ODEs 258 6.8 Laplace Transform: General Formulas 264 6.9 Table of Laplace Transforms 265 6 Review Questions and Problems 267 Summary of 6 269
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13. How is the upside breakeven of a long straddle calculated Answer: Upside breakeven = strike price + net debit. Discussion: The upside breakeven at expiration is calculated by adding the net debit required to enter the trade to the strike price. However, this doesn t mean that a pro t can t be made before expiration on a smaller move if volatility increases in magnitude. 14. How is the downside breakeven of a long straddle calculated Answer: Downside breakeven = strike price net debit. Discussion: The downside breakeven at expiration is calculated by subtracting the net debit required to enter the trade from the strike price. However, this doesn t mean that a pro t can t be made before expiration on a smaller move if volatility increases in magnitude. You will rarely hold a straddle until expiration, anyway. 15. Calculate the values for the following long straddle: Long 1 November ATM DELL 35 Call @ 2.45 Long 1 November ATM DELL 35 Put @ 2.20 DELL is currently trading at $35.10. Answer: Put cost = 2.20 or $220. Call cost = 2.45 or $245. Maximum reward = Unlimited to the upside and limited to the downside (as the underlying can only fall to zero) beyond the breakevens. Maximum risk = (2.45 + 2.20) 100 = $465 (Total debit). Upside breakeven = (35 + 4.65) = $39.65 (Call strike + net debit). Downside breakeven = (35 4.65) = $30.35 (Put strike net debit). Range of pro tability = Above $39.65 and below $30.35. Discussion: The breakeven points, maximum risk and reward, and total costs are important values to understand before entering a trade. These values can be gured manually, or you can use a program like Optionetics Platinum to calculate these details. Either way, it is very important to assess a trade s risks before jumping in and putting real money on the line. 16. Short straddles create what kind of risk pro les Answer: D Upside-down V-shaped risk curves with limited pro t potential and unlimited risk.
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9 Cloning Objects and Creating Object Arrays
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studying with you, they will become much more supportive because they will quickly see the difficulty of mastering so much technical material. There is never an ideal time to sit for a CPA exam section. There will always be distractions, crises, and family misunderstandings. It will always seem as if you don t have enough time. Manage your time to the fullest and stick to your study plan. FRIENDS Friends can hurt you or help you. Allow friends to give you support. When dealing with your friends becomes more draining than fun, think about changing friends. A friend is someone who helps and understands. A friend should never keep you from meeting your goals. Friends are the great distracters. You choose your friends because you enjoy being with them. The real struggle is to set your priorities and stick to them. If your friends have never experienced something as all-encompassing as preparing for the CPA exam, they really won t understand what you are going through. Tell them you need their help to keep you focused. It is no exaggeration that studying for the CPA exam probably will take more time than you have. Yes, friends can help by quizzing you, but this may end up in a fun outing instead of an afternoon of study. It is easy to become distracted, so during your crunch times, avoid frequent meetings with friends. Make sure your friends understand just how difficult it is to pass the CPA exam. Show them the statistics: The first-time passing percentage for each section is between 25% and 32%. Over two-thirds of the candidates fail each section. Schedule get-togethers in advance. Avoid spontaneous invitations. Looking forward to spending time with your friends can serve as an incentive to you to accomplish your goals. Be realistic you will not have a great deal of time to devote to your friends. Good friends will understand and will admire your dedication. Communicate more through e-mail. However, when you are busy studying, don t take the time to open your e-mail. Avoid phone conversations since they can easily eat up valuable time and often lead to spur-of-the moment plans to go have some fun. Why spend time in your car talking on the phone when you could be listening to CPA review recordings Establish a set time each day to answer e-mails from friends. Don t exceed the set time. Use some of your scheduled open time to return phone calls to friends. Again, use only the established amount of time. Build time into your study plan for family and friends with the understanding that such time frames must be controlled. Don t let the exam preparation process get you down. Studying for each exam section involves sacrifice, but the process does not continue forever. Limit your fun time now and enjoy your new status as a CPA later. Ask
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By themselves, these parameters do not define the total end-to-end delay that will be experienced by a packet. They deal with queueing delays in network elements, not speed-of-light propagation delay between relays.
Checking Freshness
Move Ahead with Your Mentors Mentors (discussed in detail in 6) can play a very important role in your career. Not only can mentors offer you important career advice as you move up in the organization, but they can also become your advocate in higher levels of the organization the levels that you don t have direct access to. Seek out a mentor who has organizational clout and is not shy about touting your merits to other decision makers. Even better, get the support of a number of powerful people throughout the organization. Be
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Darren Bridger, coauthor of The Soul of the New Consumer Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point Seth Godin, author of Unleashing the Ideavirus Guy Kawasaki, author of Rules for Revolutionaries David Lewis, coauthor of The Soul of the New Consumer Emanuel Rosen, author of The Anatomy of Buzz
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If you copy a contact to a group, but later change your mind, there are a couple of ways to deal with the problem. First, make sure that you can see all members of the group in which the contact is currently stored. Then, right-click the contact s icon within the group. Because
Dealing with Nonlinearities
Since it is typically difficult in practice to measure the variance of the loss rate 2LR due to the lack of sufficient historical data, we will have to assume in most cases a reasonable distribution for the variations in the loss rate. Unfortunately, unlike the distribution for PD, the loss rate distribution can take a number of shapes, which result in different equations for the variance of LR. Possible candidates are the binomial, the uniform, or the normal distribution. Whereas the binomial distribution overstates the variance of LR (when a customer defaults, either all of the exposure amount is lost or nothing), the uniform distribution assumes that all defaulted borrowers would have the same probability of losing anywhere between 0% and 100%. Therefore, the most reasonable assumption is the normal distribution, because of the lack of better knowledge in most cases.204 The shape of this assumed normal distribution should take into account the empirical fact that some customers lose almost nothing, that is, almost fully recover, and it is very unlikely that all of the money is lost during the work-out process.205 Like EL, UL can also be calculated for various time periods and for rolling time windows across time. By convention, almost always one-year intervals are used.206 Hence, all measures of volatility need to be annualized to allow comparisons among different products and business units.207 Again, the same methodology can be applied to derive the UL resulting from country risk using the three components of country EL.
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