When to leave a pointer on the cleanup stack in .NET

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Appointing a successor to the founder CEO
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4.3 Software Pattern Language
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7 Sharing a Computer with User Accounts
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Copying Windows Movie Maker Movies to DVD
Although the derivation of this method is very complex, the method itself is very simple to apply to a given problem. Steady-state behavior of networks with generally distributed service and interarrival times at nodes can be approximately solved with the restriction of a single single server at each node. At present no solutions are available for multiple class networks [Mitz97]. Consider a GI/G/l queueing system with arrival rate X, service rate p, and the coefficients of variation cA and cg of the interarrival and service times, respectively. Using the diffusion approximation, the following approximated state probabilities can be obtained [Koba74, ReKo74]:
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