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and select the Library icon from the bottom left, as shown in Figure 27.3. Click to highlight the entire navigation row, as shown in Figure 27.4, and drag it onto the Library Assets panel. It automatically is added as a library item. Name the library item something you ll remember when you need it next. I ve named mine Text Navigation Row, as shown in Figure 27.3. You can click and drag it from the library onto any other page to add the navigation row. See Figure 27.5 for the navigation row on a Web site.
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Learning to cook professionally, as you have already heard, is not learning recipes but learning basic techniques that you can apply to speci c needs. The basic techniques of sauce-making were discussed in 8. If we tell you that cream soups are simply diluted velout or b chamel sauces, avored with the ingredient for which they are named,you should almost be able to make a cream of celery soup without further instructions. It s not quite that simple.There are some complications,but they are mostly a matter of detail.You already know the basic techniques.
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Sample Aero Glass windows.
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Tutorial: Animating a day in 20 seconds
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surface. Large carrots are sometimes woody. Preparation: Trim top and bottom ends. Pare with hand peeler. Percentage Yield: 75 80%
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The Configure User Paths dialog box, shown in Figure 5-13, holds paths to resources that the user needs to access, including scene files, textures, and XRefs. The dialog box includes four panels: External Files, File I/O, XRefs, and 3rd Party Plug-Ins.
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