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Part I Learning the Max Interface
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The decreasing cost of computing, increasing connectivity, and rapid digitalization of critical business processes is bringing human networks into the growing category of things that can be measured, should be managed, and must be optimized. Social network analysis the business analytics most people have never heard about makes how the organization really works visible. The science behind social network analysis is the same science behind how we understand customers, logistics, or weather. Social network analysis originated from the complex math used to explain subatomic physics. It is now being used to understand and manage human interaction in the workplace. Having an updated copy of the organizational chart is no longer enough (old know). The organizational chart merely reveals the formal hierarchy, the visible rules at work in an organization. The real story the ropes of learning the ropes fame can be revealed only by understanding how human networks operate within the organization. This requires math. One of the most skilled practitioners of social network analysis in the world today is Karen Stephenson. We taught together at the Anderson Graduate School of Management. A pioneering social network theorist and classically trained anthropologist, she spent months studying ancient Mayan culture in the rain forests of Central America. She is now devoting her time to researching the behaviors of the modern tribes inhabiting corporate jungles. Stephenson is busy mapping the human relationships that form the human networks that drive the world of work. She has created what I refer to as a Cliffs Notes for culture. Want to keep your job, be smart and fast, and drive your costs down Focus on building and strengthening your human network, she says.
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Some USB devices, such as cameras, disk drives, and network hardware, transfer data to and from the computer. Before removing such a device, it s a good idea to close all programs to make sure that you don t lose any data. If you have such a device connected to your computer, you ll see a Safely Remove Hardware icon in your notification area, like the example shown in Figure 51-4. Figure 51-4: Pointing to the Safely Remove Hardware notification area
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Protecting Visual Basic code
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To make new words for the speech dictionary recognizable, you ll need to pronounce them for the dictionary. It s not necessary to use the Learn from Document option first. You can add and pronounce any word at any time. Again, the purpose of all off this is to increase speech recognition s accuracy in translating your spoken text to words. To pronounce words, you ll need to don your headset. Then, open a speech-enabled program such as Microsoft Word and turn on the microphone (click the Microphone button in the Language bar). The Add/Delete Words dialog box shown in Figure 9-24 opens.
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down, after discussion, to whether the committee has con dence in the adviser s recommendation. I don t even recommend bringing managers to the committee for routine performance reports for much the same reasons. I have sat through countless manager reports to committees. These reports generally cover the manager s outlook for the economy (which may have little to do with his investment approach), his interpretation of the account s recent performance, and the particular transactions he has made recently. The reports are super cial, usually highly myopic, leaving the committee members with little more than the general feeling that they have done their duciary duty. A cogent, concise report by the adviser can do a better job of surfacing issues and placing things in a helpful perspective for education and decision making. Bringing a manager to meet with the committee can on occasion be a useful part of the committee s education. It can broaden the minds of committee members and help them feel more connected to the investment world about which they are making decisions.
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by the marriage between Sohamus and Lucilla, the daughter of Marcus Aurelius. Lucilla goes along with her father s plan for the sake of the security of the empire and not to disappoint him although she is in love with Livius. Marcus explains to Lucilla why she has to marry for reasons of state:
Imbiber (am bee bay) To imbibe;to wet or soak an element with stock or syrup. Inciser (an see zay) To incise; to make small, shallow cuts in order to speed cooking. Incorporer (an core po ray) To incorporate; to gradually mix ingredients together by gently mixing. Infuser (an few zay) To place an element into simmering water and let sit so that the element avors the water (e.g., tea).
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