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Figure 9-7: The Snapshot dialog box lets you clone a Copy, Instance, Reference, or Mesh.
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One gigabyte is roughly enough space to store 500,000 (half a million) typed, double-spaced pages of text. Or put another way, 1 GB equals about 1,000 floppy disks. If the amount of free space on your hard drive ever dips much below 1 GB, you ll start seeing a notification icon that reads You are running low on disk space.
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Table 10.13 Input parameters for the network of Fig. 10.20
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Tomato Sauce III
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However, the algebraic approach is used as a solid theoretical basis for most of the known graph grammar approaches and tools.
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The chapters in Part II describe many valuable Access programming techniques.
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Closing the Loop
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Research Problems
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Improve voice recognition
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