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The Start At value is the frame in the current scene where this background animation would first appear. The Sync Start to Frame value is the frame of the background animation that should appear first. The Start and End Processing options let you determine what appears before the Start and End frames. Options include displaying a blank, holding the current frame, and looping. If you select an animation as the background, make sure that the Animate Background option is selected. Also note that the viewport background is not visible if the Display Background option is not selected. The Aspect Ratio section offers options for setting the size of the background image. You can select to Match Viewport, Match Bitmap, or Match Rendering Output. The Lock Zoom/Pan option is available if either the Match Bitmap option or the Match Rendering Output option is selected. This option locks the background image to the geometry so that when the objects in the scene are zoomed or panned, the background image follows. If the background gets out of line, you can reset its position with the Views Reset Background Transform command.
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Figure 11.1 Preparing pan jus.
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Note In Adobe Acrobat Reader, you need to click the Select Text button in the toolbar before you select. Otherwise, dragging will just cause the entire document to scroll. In Acrobat Reader 6.0 the toolbar button reads Select Text.
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Avoiding specular highlights
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To double-click, you generally have to tap the primary mouse button twice very quickly. Otherwise, it counts as two single clicks. If it s difficult to tap the button quickly enough, or if you re so fast than two single clicks are being interpreted as a double-click, look around for a Double-click speed option. That will allow you to adjust the delay needed between two clicks to count as a double-click.
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The target actual functionality is similar to the indirect activity allocation cycle. This transaction also imputes the output quantity of one driver based on another and posts quantities with their corresponding values. However, unlike the IAA cycle, where the relationship is defined in the cycle, the target actual relationship is established during planning. Therefore, the planned output is known; however, the actual quantities are imputed instead of captured. The planned relationship serves as the basis for calculating actuals when the target actual transaction is executed. Exhibit 5.23 illustrates the target actual functionality for an example in Period 3. The Customer Support cost center provides LABHR resources for the Handle Inquiries and Resolve Customer Complaints processes. Exhibit 5.23 contains 4 steps. Step 1: As before with the IAA cycle, a relationship needs to be established. This relationship is automatically created when planning is performed instead of being explicitly written as in the IAA cycle. Therefore, for target actual, Step 1 is created based on the planned consumption performed by the managers in Step 2. Step 2: Managers plan how much output of other cost centers or processes is needed in order for them to supply their output. For example, the process managers for the two processes will plan the amount of Customer Support LABHR needed for the next year, evenly distributed across the months, for the planned process driver output. Step 3: The price calculation is run and the planned resource costs are posted to the processes by period. The price calculation takes into account all planned recursive allocations.
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