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1. Choose Tools Titles and Credits from the menu bar. 2. Choose where you want the clip to appear by clicking the appropriate option under Where do you want to add a title 3. Click Change the title animation. You ll see a list of possible options. Some are for a one-line title, some are for a two-line title, and some are for credits at the end of the movie. Click each one to see an example of it in the monitor. 4. When you find an animation you like, click its name. Then click Edit the title text. 5. Type the text of the title in the space provided. 6. Optionally, click Change the text font and color to get to the options shown in Figure 25.12.
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Period 2 $2,000 $4,000 $6,000 2,000 $4.00 $1P/$3F ($2,000)
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To saut means to cook quickly in a small amount of fat. 1. The French word sauter means to jump, referring to the action of tossing small pieces of food in a saut pan (see Figure 17.1).However,larger foods,such as slices of meat and pieces of chicken,are saut ed without actually being tossed in the pan. Note these two important principles: Preheat the pan before adding the food to be saut ed.The food must start cooking at high heat, or it will begin to simmer in its own juices. Do not overcrowd the pan. Doing so lowers the temperature too much, and again the food begins to simmer in its own juices. Meats to be saut ed are often dusted with flour to prevent sticking and to help achieve uniform browning. After a food is saut ed, a liquid such as wine or stock is often swirled in the pan to dissolve browned bits of food sticking to the bottom.This is called deglazing.The liquid becomes part of a sauce served with the saut ed items. Stir-frying is a variation of saut ing. See pages 313 314 for a discussion.
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You control access to the VBA code in your application by creating a password for the Visual Basic project that you want to protect. When you set a database password for a project, users are prompted to enter the password each time they try to view the Visual Basic code in the database.
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requirement is O(n2). Sparse storage techniques can be applied under some circumstances, when regular matrix structures, like those given with diagonal matrices, are preserved during computation. Although cancellation errors are being avoided with Grassmann s algorithm, rounding errors can still occur, propagate, and accumulate during the computation. Therefore, applicability of the algorithm is also limited to medium size (around 500 states) Markov models.
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he market has seen its share of ups and downs over the decades, but the rocket ride and dramatic downslide of the late 1990s was a perpetual headline maker another example of humankind s historical prerogative to get excited, especially as a group.
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You can also launch a search from the Search box at the top-right corner of any folder. But you have to be aware that those searches include only the current folder and its subfolders. Nonetheless, it s very powerful and useful because you re not limited to searching for filenames and wildcards. You can include specific file properties in your search criteria. For example, a search for genre: rock finds all files that have Rock in the genre property. A search for to:hobart finds all Windows Mail messages addressed to Hobart. A search for subject:vista finds all files that have Vista in the Subject property. The possibilities are endless.
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If you re too consumed with the one door in your life that closes, you ll never reach the open door. Tommy Lasorda
Part VII: Appendixes
Tab, right-arrow ( ) or down-arrow ( ) key, or Enter Shift+Tab, left-arrow ( ), or up-arrow ( ) Home or Ctrl+Home End or Ctrl+End PgDn or Next Record PgUp or Previous Record
Each computer on a network has a unique IP address as well as a unique, human-readable name. To use Max to do network rendering, you need to find the IP address and name of each computer used on the network.
1. 2. 3. 4. Store ice creams and sherbets at 0 F ( 18 C) or lower.This low temperature helps prevent the formation of large ice crystals. For service, temper frozen desserts at 8 to 15 F ( 13 to 9 C) for 24 hours so they are soft enough to serve. When serving, avoid packing the ice cream.The best method is to draw the scoop across the surface of the product so the product rolls into a ball in the scoop. Use standard scoops for portioning ice cream. Normal portions for popular desserts are as follows: Parfait Banana split la mode topping for pie or cake Sundae Plain dish of ice cream 5. 3 No. 30 scoops 3 No. 30 scoops 1 No. 20 scoop 2 No. 20 scoops 1 No. 10, 12, or 16 scoop
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