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The query design window with four tables added. Notice that the join lines are already present.
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The effort to implement OBI in settings other than health care has hardly begun, and this discussion will therefore focus on medical and nursing practice. Partly inspired by the promising research ndings that have been reviewed in this chapter, there has been a great deal of attention over the years to the implementation of OBI in routine medical practice in several countries of the world. Unfortunately, as in other elds of health care, many studies have documented a wide gap between actual and recommended good practice based on research evidence. As but one illustration of this, Kaner et al. (1999a) reported ndings from a questionnaire survey of general medical practitioners (GPs) in the English Midlands. The results showed that GPs did not to make routine enquiries about alcohol, with 67% enquiring only some of the time . The fact that 65% of GPs had managed only 1 6 patients for excessive drinking in the last year is striking in view of evidence that approximately 20% of patients presenting to primary health care are likely to be at least hazardous drinkers (Anderson, 1993). Given gures on GPs average list size in the UK, this suggests that the majority of GPs may be missing as many as 98% of the excessive drinkers presenting to their practices. The situation regarding the detection of excessive drinkers among patients on general hospital wards is comparable. For example, in a study designed to establish whether housemen took an adequate drinking history from their patients, Barrison et al. (1980) noted a failure to record alcohol consumption in 39% of cases; furthermore, in only 37% of the medical notes studied was an accurate history of consumption obtained, while in the remainder only an inaccurate descriptive estimate was recorded. There is little reason to believe that the situation is better in countries other than the UK. Thus, there is little evidence that medical practitioners have increased their levels of enquiry, identi cation and intervention regarding excessive drinking over the past 20 years. If the medical profession is too busy or otherwise unwilling to take on this work, the nursing profession represents an engine of great potential in this implementation process (Deehan et al., 1998). It may also be true that medical practitioners are now more likely than they were to see alcohol interventions as a legitimate part of their work, and that changes are
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You don t have to enter an equal sign before the literal word NY because this is a select query. To see all states except NY, you must enter either the <> (not equal) or the Not operator before NY. You also don t have to type quotes around the word NY. Access assumes that you re using a literal string NY and adds the quotes for you automatically.
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P r o c e d u r e Season the llets with salt and white pepper. Heat the oil and clari ed butter in a saut pan over moderate heat. Dredge the llets in our and shake off excess. Saut the sh, browning it lightly on both sides, until done. Place the llets on hot dinner plates.
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A local area network (LAN) consists of two or more computers that can communicate with one another through networking hardware. Multiple computers in a network can share a single Internet account, share printers, and share files and folders. Moving and copying files between networked computers is a simple matter of dragging and dropping. No fumbling around with floppies, CDs, or other removable disks required. Main points to remember when it comes to buying network hardware: The first step to creating a LAN is to purchase the computer networking hardware. Each computer in the network needs a network interface card (NIC) installed. Ethernet LANs provide the fastest speeds, but require running special Ethernet cables. Phoneline and powerline networks let you use wiring that s already in your house to connect computers. Wireless networking provides complete freedom from cables and wires. USB networking devices are easy to install and don t require opening the computer case. On a notebook computer you can use a PC Card NIC (not to be confused with PCI card) to connect to the network. After you acquire your network hardware, you have to set it all up per the manufacturer s instructions. Once you ve finished that step, you re ready to run the Network Setup Wizard to get all that hardware working.
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The only thing left for us to do is to make the fish follow the path; that is, rotate its body so that it s facing the direction it s moving. The simplest way to do this is to use the following MAXScript (split into two lines to make it easier to read):
Braising is a combination of dry-heat and moist-heat cooking methods. Meats are rst browned or seared in fat or in a hot oven,then simmered in a avorful liquid until tender. The popularity of properly braised items is due to the avor imparted by the browning and by the sauce made from the braising liquid.Clearly,the quality of a braised meat depends greatly on the quality of the stock the meat is cooked in.Other liquids used in braising include wine, marinades, tomato products, and, occasionally, water.
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