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Stand By is an available option on virtually all modern PCs. Hibernate isn t quite so ubiquitous, becaise it requires APM (Advanced Power Management) or ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) hardware, and much more.
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Ingredients Fresh basil leaves Olive oil Walnuts or pine nuts (pignoli) Garlic cloves Salt Parmesan cheese, grated Romano cheese, grated
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Part IV: Printing and Faxing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 407
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The typical antivirus software product is an example of an intrusion detection system. In general, it s a good idea to assume that attacks will happen, and it s often cheaper to prevent some attacks and detect the rest than it is to try to prevent everything. The systems used to detect bad things happening are referred to generically as intrusion detection systems. Other examples from earlier chapters are the application-specific mechanisms for detecting mobile phone cloning and fraud by bank tellers. Certain stock markets have installed systems to try to detect insider trading by looking for suspicious patterns of activity. Although they are all performing very similar tasks, their developers don t talk to each other much, and we see the same old wheels being reinvented again and again. Intrusion detection in corporate and government networks is a fast-growing field of security research; for example, U.S. military funding grew from almost nothing to millions in the last few years of the twentieth century. This growth has been prompted by the realization that many systems make no effective use of log and audit data. In the 384
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You can find a reference of the available default keyboard shortcuts in Appendix C, Max Keyboard Shortcuts.
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The Watches window can float or be docked at any side of the VBA editor window. If you don t like the Watches window s current position, use its title bar to drag it to another location. As you drag the window to a docking position, a gray rectangle appears where Access thinks you want to dock the window. Just release the mouse button when you have the window positioned in its new location, and Access will either dock the window or leave it floating freely, as you directed. The Watches window will be in the same position the next time you open the VBA editor window. If you don t like the docking behavior, right-click anywhere within the body of the Watches window and deselect the Dockable option.
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Augustan History: Commodus 1.3 4; quoted from David Magie (tr.), The Scriptores Historiae Augustae, vol. 1 (1921; rpt. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2000), 265. Future references will be abbreviated as HA Comm. 2 HA Comm. 3.5 (Magie, 271). 3 HA Comm. 4.
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18 Building Compound Objects
2. An operation of an event is de ned by a recursive descent of the state hierarchy. This favors giving priority to transitions on outer levels over transitions on inner levels. This de nition also serves as a scheme for code generation. 3. The state variables and event operations are mapped to one module (MACHINE in the B method). 4. All transitions on an event are taken simultaneously rather than in a sequence of microsteps. For this, all transitions taken simultaneously must be con ict-free. In our experience this excludes some statecharts that would be of questionable design. 5. Invariants can be attached to basic and composite states. The chart invariant is derived from the attached invariants. All event operations have to preserve the chart invariant. 6. The default transition of the root state has to establish the chart invariant; default transitions are also used for establishing a local invariant. For this, default transitions need to have a body. 7. Local veri cation conditions are computed from the accumulated invariant of the source and target states. The justi cation of the local veri cation conditions is in terms of the chart invariant. An alternative to mapping the state variables and event operations to a single module is to distribute them by certain design criteria among several modules with an acyclic or tree dependency structure [10]. With invariants distributed among modules as well, this also leads to more local veri cation conditions, but in a different way than through accumulated invariants. Entry and exit actions, history states, and transitions with segments remain future work. Acknowledgments The author is indebted to Kevin Lano for his patience and his help. Dai Tri Man Le suggested the term accumulated invariant. Daniel Zingaro pointed out several errors. REFERENCES
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