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Per serving: Calories, 210; Protein, 12 g; Fat, 14 g (60% cal.); Cholesterol, 40 mg; Carbohydrates, 9 g; Fiber, 1 g; Sodium, 45 mg.
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With a closed-form expression of the transient state probabilities formance measure can be easily derived.
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For a more complete listing of low-calorie weight-loss snacks, go to our free Web site at
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Quoted from Leon Edel (ed.), Henry James: Letters, vol. 4: 1895 1916 (Cambridge: Belknap Press, 1984), 208 209. In a letter to William Dean Howells of January 25, 1902, James was more censorious: dear Sarah Jewett sent me not long since a Revolutionary Romance, with of cers over their wine etc., and Paul Jones terrorizing the sea, that was a thing to make the angels weep. Quoted from Edel, 221 225, at 223.
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Figure 4.29 Simple rst-order example
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7.2 Graphical Tools
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Fricass e de Volaille Vall e d Auge (Fricass e of Chicken with Apples and Cider)
If you are like most marketers you said the former of each of these. If you chose Joe s Cola, Peter s Processors, and Wally s World, you might be considered well, just a wee bit strange, and, say our gurus, you don t understand the power of BRAND. Brand is the Holy Grail, the road to salvation, and the way to triumph over all of the evils we outlined in the last chapter, according to one group of our gurus. One even described his book on branding as a sure way to reach the promised brand. 1 Of course, not everyone is so enthusiastic about brands. For example, Kevin Clancy and Peter Krieg in their book Counterintuitive Marketing decry those who would talk so reverentially about such things as brand attitude, brand emotions, brand values, brand voice, brand statement, and just brand in general. Listening to incoherent brandspeak, write Clancy and Krieg, one might think that all you need to do is take a brand, product, service, maybe even an entire company, and dip it in brand juice. And voil , something magical happens! You ve transformed a nothing, through brand dip alone, into a powerful presence. 2 But enough of such criticism. We come here not to critique branding, but to revere it. We ll start with the most basic of questions, What is a brand
In 63 BCE the Romans, by then the major power in the eastern Mediterranean, intervened in a civil war between two Hasmonean brothers, and a century of Judean independence came to an end; Judea was to remain under Roman rule until the Muslim conquest in 638 CE. The Jews clearly found the Romans more difficult overlords than their predecessors had been. Perhaps the century of independence would have made any new rulers harder to bear, but the way the Romans ruled their empire also contributed to the difficulties, for it left subject peoples open to abuse from rapacious governors who had taken their posts in the hope of making their fortunes as quickly as possible, a hazard less pronounced under the Persians or the Hellenistic empires. In addition, the Romans, who usually tried to enlist the help of the local elite in governing their subject peoples, found the Jewish elite a particularly bad fit. The Romans were used to dealing with military aristocracies, with whom they had something in common. The hereditary aristocracy of Judea consisted primarily of priests whose prestige came not from military prowess but from their relationship to the Temple and the Torah. At first the Romans ruled Judea as a semi-autonomous kingdom with a local dignitary, the infamous Herod, as its ruler. Herod was not a native Judean, but an Idumean who had adopted Judaism and who had close ties to the Hasmonean family, including a wife who was a Hasmonean princess. This relationship might have contributed to legitimizing Herod in the eyes of subjects attached to the Hasmoneans had he not proceeded to kill off his brother-in-law, his wife, and eventually his sons by her as well, leaving only his young grandsons to carry on the Hasmonean line. The unhappiness of Herod s subjects was reflected in the regular disturbances that took place under him. Herod died in 4 BCE, and his kingdom was divided among his surviving sons. In 6 CE the Romans began to rule directly through
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Remember, programs from your old computer are never transferred and cannot be transferred. All programs must be installed to the computer on which they ll run. You need to start that installation from the original program CD or a download. Documents for which there is no program on the new computer will not open on the new computer. When you attempt to open such a document, you ll see an error message like the one in Figure 13.3. FIGURE 13.3
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