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Can you guess the most popular vegetable in America Hands down, it's the french fry. The average American downs almost 30 pounds of them in a year! French fry calories alone explain why North America (especially our kids) has a serious weight problem. An order of fast-food fries contains massive amounts of saturated fat, as well as trans fats.This double whammy can send your cholesterol soaring and seriously damage your heart and arteries. A large order of fries easily contains upward of 500 calories. Do any of the fast-food chains sell healthy french fries Nope but some are worse than others. In descending order of infamy, they are: Burger King A king-size order has a whopping 600 calories, 30 grams of total fat, and 16 grams of saturated fat and 1,140 milligrams of salt.That's w-a-y too much. Wendy's The Biggie-size order doesn't deserve the cute name. Munch down a few of these every week and you'll be "living large," as kids like to say only not in the way they mean. The count: 490 calories, 28 grams of total fat, and 5 grams of saturated fat. McDonald's People who love french fries swear by McDonald's. So, presumably, do cardiac surgeons. A large order has 520 calories, 25 grams of total fat, and 5 grams of saturated fat. KFC Okay, they're not really fries; they call them "potato wedges." They deserve a mention because they're almost dainty compared to the competition, with 240 calories, 12 grams total fat, and 3 grams of saturated fat.
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Although in this example you used a field, you can also sort (and group) with an expression. To enter an expression, click the Add a Sort or Add a Group button in the Group, Sort, and Total area and click the Expression button at the bottom of the field list. The Expression Builder dialog box opens, enabling you to enter any valid Access expression, such as in = [RetailPrice]-[Cost]. To change the sort order for fields in the Field/Expression column, simply click the drop-down arrow to the right of the With A on Top button (see Figure 9.34) to display the Sort Order list. Select Descending from the sort options that appear.
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The Storyboard/Timeline, also called the work area, is where you create your movie. You lay out your scenes (clips) in the order you want them played along the Storyboard/Timeline. Only the clips you place in the Storyboard/Timeline will be part of the final movie you create. You ll also use the Storyboard/Time to add titles and credits, special effects, background music, narrations, and other enhancements. The movie that you re currently creating in the Storyboard/Timeline is called a project. You ll see exactly how to take full advantage of the Storyboard/Timeline a little later in this chapter.
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Carriers want to maximize revenue. Depending on the corporate financial model, a potential carrier inside an enterprise may also obtain revenue, but as an internal funds transfer. Alternatively, a potential carrier may focus on cost reduction. See EONS later in the chapter for a discussion of how carrier-grade technical and operational attributes feed into these financial goals.
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11: Mastering VBA Data Types and Procedures
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The Burden of Government
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As you are being true, speci c, and personalized with your praise, there are two mistakes to avoid. The rst mistake is following praise with correction. This is a common practice and a misinterpretation of the ve positive comments to one positive comment ratio. The thinking goes that if you need to correct someone, compliment him rst so he can accept your correction. But for the person receiving this onetwo punch, it makes praise hollow, manipulative, and fraught with danger. What it will also do is make people wary of you, anxious when you are praising because they are not sure if the other shoe of correction is going to drop. Not exactly the tone of trust you are trying to set with your people. The point of the ve-to-one ratio is the kind of climate you are creating so that when you need to correct someone she can receive it. Giving correction when appropriate is an inseparable part of effective leadership, but do it honestly and plainly. No positioning or spin. The advice I was given once was: Stand up, speak up, and shut up. A second don t is similar to the rst, though not as devastating. It s the keep up the good work mistake and goes like this: You deliver a piece of positive praise, and, instead of just ending there, you feel compelled to give a challenge to the person you are praising. As if the af rmation will somehow motivate this person to do poorer work rather than better work, so a challenge must be made to keep it up. Does this actually make sense Then why do we do it I remember being contracted to give a series of training sessions to managers on a Saturday. Because it was the company s busy season and they wanted to get this training done, they asked their people to do it outside of their workweek on one of their two days off. Amazingly, everyone was game, and at the beginning of our rst session the vice president of the division called in to the training class and thanked everyone for their sacri ce. He praised these leaders for their commit-
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The simpli cations carried out are that veri cation conditions of the form {p}Q / skip / {p} are replaced by {p} Q {p}. In the design of embedded systems, physical components are typically modeled by concurrent states on outer levels. For such designs, the possibility for generating targeted veri cation conditions by scopecorrect is limited, as the recursion stops as soon as an AND state is encountered. Still, special cases exist: 1. If only one concurrent state contains transitions on event E, the parallel composition in (*) disappears, resulting in {accinv({s})} scopeop(E, s) {accinv({s})} Theorem 13.7.2 can now be used to continue decomposing the veri cation conditions according to scopecorrect. 2. Further splitting of the veri cation condition is possible according to the structure of scopeop(E, c). If an operand of the parallel composition contains a nondeterministic choice with guards, we can use the fact that distributes over []: {p} P (g Q [] h R) {r} {p g} P Q {r} {p h} P R {r}
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Part I: Access Building Blocks
Fig. 8.6
The datasheet is displayed with the cursor on the same field and record that it occupied while in the form. Moving to another record and field and then redisplaying the form in Form view causes the form to appear with the cursor on the field occupied in Datasheet view. To return to Form view or any other view select the desired view from the Views group, the View Shortcuts, or the pop-up menu.
Queueing Incoming Traffic
Committee Leadership
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The Move/Rotate Transforms section has some additional settings that control how objects move in the Perspective viewport. The Intersection and Projection options are for two different modes. The Intersection mode moves objects faster the farther they get from the center. In Projection mode, the Perspective Sensitivity value is used to set the mouse movements to the distance of the transformation. Small values result in small transformations for large mouse drags. The Rotation Increment value sets the amount of rotation that occurs for a given mouse drag distance, and the Viewport Arc Rotate Snap Angle sets where the arc snaps to.
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