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Figure 35-5: Message for downloading newsgroup names
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Medical History
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Chocolate Pastry Cream Butterscotch Cream Pie Filling
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The Heavenly Messiah 65
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The preparation of sandwiches requires a great deal of handwork.Many individual motions may be required,especially if the sandwiches are multideckers or have several ingredients.Whether you are making sandwiches in quantity or to order, your goal must be to reduce your motions to make the production as ef cient and quick as possible.
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The rst parameter (T) is passed to the base class Foo and the second (C) is used by the derived class Bar. Template classes are the same as any other class in many respects: They can have friends a friend will be a friend of every class created from the template They have statics each class created from the template has its own unique static, that is class<int> and class<float> will have separate static globals They can have nested classes
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5. What are you currently doing to identify, train, and retain your top employees ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ 6. What would happen if your top three people were hired away by your most aggressive competitor ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ 7. How long would it take you to be up and running if your company was robbed or your building burned down ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ 8. What is the worst-case scenario you fear the most ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ 9. How can you better prepare to minimize the damage this would cause if it ever came true ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
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The de nition of polymorphism, along with its ubiquitous shape example, is possibly one of the most well-trodden in C++. A simpli cation would be: objects of different (but related) types can respond to the same method without the caller of the method needing to know the type of object that de nes the method. Thus a square, a circle and a triangle are all types of shape. A developer wishing to write a program to render them to a screen makes the shape type polymorphic by declaring a shape base class with a virtual draw method and providing all the derived shape classes (squares, etc.) with a rede ned draw method which is called from within a single rendering routine.
In some graphics programs, you can spin your mouse wheel to change the image s magnification. In others, you have to choose some option from the program s View menu, such as View
which is the same as Eq. (6.51). Figure 6.7a shows that for an M/G/l system the mean number of jobs K increases linearly with increasing squared coefficient of variation, and that the rate of increase is very sensitive to the utilization. From Fig. 6.7b we see how dramatically the mean number of jobs K increases if the utilization approaches 1 and that this is especially the case if the squared coefficient of variation cg is large.
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