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Per 1 ounce: Calories, 280; Protein, 1 g; Fat, 31 g (99% cal.); Cholesterol, 155 mg; Carbohydrates, 0 g; Fiber, 0 g; Sodium, 310 mg.
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Viewing a received message.
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To see if your database is compiled, open the Visual Basic window for any module, display the Debug window at the bottom of the editor, and type IsCompiled, as shown in Figure 24.16. If the database is compiled, it displays True. If it s in a decompiled state, it displays False.
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Trading Techniques for Range-Bound Markets
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Locking selection sets
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Figure 5.18 Analog computer model of the spring mass system (IC stands for initial condition) great bene t would be in computing pneumatic uid ows where the transition between choked and unchoked ow is complex and highly nonlinear. Today the analog and hybrid computers have been totally replaced by general purpose simulation tools that will run on both workstations and the faster of the standard PCs. These tools typically have libraries of elements, including all kinds of nonlinearities that can be integrated together in a user-friendly environment to make up a complete system. These tools solve the differential equations de ned by all of the various elements by simply computing all of the variable derivatives for small time steps and then obtaining the output variables via a numerical integration routine. To demonstrate how simple this concept is let us develop the digital simulation code for the spring mass system example. First we must de ne the initial conditions for each independent variable, i.e. the velocity and position of the mass. We also need to de ne the values of the system parameters, i.e. mass M, the spring rate K, and viscous damping constant f . The basic computer code required to generate the time response of the mass position Xo (XO) resulting from
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areas of concern due to variances. Additionally, if desired, actual costing can be utilized for some processes. Use of standard costing is common in shared services environments where service agreements have been put in place. In some cases the actual cost of providing the service, represented as a process such as the Perform Period-End Closing process, is accepted while for other processes a set price is established. Or different prices are set for given volume levels. This decision is usually driven by the internal organizational agreements or by how variance should be liquidated. Beyond the flexibility to determine how driver rates are calculated or whether standard costing, actual costing (moving average), or a combination should be utilized, scalability is also supported. A commonly asked question when considering moving from an ABC analytical support tool to SAP s integrated ABC is: Do all costs have to go through the process view Obviously, within SAP CO, the answer is no. ABC is one costing philosophy supported. Other costs may flow through the costing system in a different manner, such as cost plus, or via an internal order, or directly from the cost center to a market segment. Multiple options are supported since ABC usually is not supported globally throughout an organization. In addition, unless a more accurate costing method is required or there is a need to benchmark the processes, ABC may not be warranted due to materiality. The final aspect supporting flexibility is the template allocation method. The benefits and capabilities of this method cannot be overstated. Utilizing the template, a dynamic ABC model can be supported, adapting to meet the day-to-day environment to accurately assign process costs throughout the SAP application. The template incorporates four capabilities to enhance flexibility. 1. It can determine which process should be utilized. For example, if a certain aircraft engine code includes the code ATP, then Process 1 is charged versus Process 2. This ability completely eliminates the historical structure of common ABC support tools. 2. It can determine the quantity to be assigned to the receiver objects. The quantity can be as simple as a specific number or can be a complex formula calculation. 3. IF-THEN Boolean logic capability takes the quantity calculation one step further and adds conditions to the quantity calculation. Here the flexibility supported by the template helps to determine IF it is for a certain customer THEN the quantity is different than for another customer. Doing this allows complexity to be handled in a statement or rule; the complexity does not need to be designed into either multiple assignment rules or multiple master data records.
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Tissue culture describes the process whereby a small full-thickness section of skin is harvested from a patient or donor and then cultured in the laboratory to form large sheets of cells (cultured keratinocytes). The sheets of cells are then grafted onto a granulating wound completely free of any necrotic material. Autologous tissue (that taken from the patient) has been found to be more effective than allogenic tissue (that taken from a donor). However, it can take more than a month to prepare (Kakibuchi et al., 1996). Tissue culture has become well established since the early 1980s when the rst clinical reports of its use appeared. Kumagai et al. (1997) followed up 38 patients who had received autologous cultured keratinocyte grafts for over two years. They concluded that cultured tissue has site speci city even after grafting and therefore, where possible, the maxim closer is best , which is applied to conventional skin grafting, should also be used for tissue cultures. Wright et al. (1998b) describe the use of a polyurethane foam dressing as a carrier for cultured keratinocytes. They found it to be a useful vehicle but there was slow proliferation of cells. They suggest that cells should be expanded using the standard methods and then seeded onto the dressing. Myers et al. (1997) tested a hyaluronic membrane delivery system for cultured keratinocytes on an animal model and found that it gave a superior keratinocyte take. The researchers suggest that this system requires further investigation and clinical evaluation. Caravaggi et al. (2003) used a similar product in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, comparing it with paraf n gauze (standard treatment in Italy). The results from 79 patients showed greater numbers of healed ulcers in the experimental group but this difference failed to reach statistical signi cance, possibly because the study was underpowered. The ulcers were subdivided into those on the plantar surface or dorsum. There were a signi cantly higher number of healed ulcers in the experimental group on the dorsum of the foot but the precise signi cance of this is uncertain. Generally, cultured keratinocytes have been used by plastic surgeons particularly for treating burn patients. However, they have also been used for treating leg ulcers that have not responded to other forms of treatment. In reviewing this, Kakibuchi et al. (1996) consider that it has not been an unquali ed success as grafts have only shown a 10 20% take. Tissue culture is an important therapy for burn patients and it may have potential for a wider use, but needs some further development.
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Optionally, you can right-click any message and choose Move to Folder. Or, to move a bunch of messages into a subfolder, select their message headers first. Then, right-click any selected message and choose Move to Folder. In the Move dialog box that opens, click the folder in which you want to put the selected message(s), and then click OK.
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[762] UPI newswire item, Oklahoma distribution (Nov 26, 1983), Tulsa, OK. [763] L van Hove, Electronic Purses: (Which) Way to Go in First Monday, v 5 no 7 (June 2000), at [764] P van Oorschot, M Wiener, Parallel Collision Search with Application to Hash Functions and Discrete Logarithms, Second ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security; proceedings published by the ACM, ISBN 0-89791-732-4, pp 210 218. [765] R van Renesse, Optical Document Security (2nd ed), Artech House (1997), ISBN 0-89006-982-4. [766] R van Renesse, Verifying versus Falsifying Banknotes, in Optical Security and Counterfeit Deterrence Techniques II (1998), IS&T (The Society for Imaging Science and Technology) and SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering), v 3314, ISBN 0-8194-2754-3, pp 71 85. [767] H van Vliet, Software Engineering Principles and Practice, 2nd ed, New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (2000), ISBN 0-471-97508-7. [768] R van Voris, Black Box Car Idea Opens Can of Worms, in Law News Network (June 4, 1999), at
We would never have known of the slaves Benedicta and Theodotus, once attached to Marcus house (1.17.7), nor of the simple, unaffected style of a letter Rusticus wrote to Marcus mother from Sinuessa (1.7.2). But the Meditations reveal some organization and contain passages of great beauty. Some display a mastery of rhetoric. As we have seen, the entries of Book 1 are a testament to Marcus gratitude to all those who had helped shape his life, beginning with his grandfather Verus and ending with the gods. The last entry of the Meditations (12.36) comes as a tting conclusion:
Performance measures for classes other than c(R*) can be obtained by relabeling the jobs in the fictitious network p with the goal that the assignment c(R*) belongs to another class in the original network N. At the beginning, the numbering of jobs in W is chosen with the following assignment to the jobs in N:
If a = k is a positive integer, then I (k) = (k - l)! Thus the Erlang-k distribution can be considered as a special case of the gamma distribution:
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If you re as clueless about TSID and CSID as I was the first time I saw them, here s what you need to know. A TSID (Transmitting Subscriber Identification) is required only on special complex routing software, such as when using the Internet or a large corporate network for faxing. A CSID (Called Subscriber Identification) is similar but is displayed on the receiving fax machine. This allows the recipient to verify that the fax was sent from your computer and isn t a forgery sent from some other computer. The bottom line is that, if nobody ever hands you a TSID or CSID to use for faxing, you probably don t need one.
Power Using the Internet
To open a folder and see what s inside, you just double-click the folder s icon. The name of the folder whose contents you re currently viewing always appears at the end of the breadcrumb trail near the top of the window. The contents of the folder appear in the main pane at the center of the window. Figure 28.7 shows an example where I m viewing the contents of a folder named Music in my user account (Alan). FIGURE 28.7
CDs and DVDs are very popular storage media. The record companies use CDs to sell albums. The movie industry sells movies on DVDs. The computer industry uses both CDs and DVDs to distribute software. Figure 28.2 shows an example of a CD or DVD. The two look exactly alike, so the figure could be either. FIGURE 28.2
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