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Addressing and Naming Having addresses is not optional. Managing and assigning addresses is an optional capability of a VPN service. The VPN may provide address assignment, presumably with DHCP or proxies used with IPCP or L2TP. It also may provide network address translation (NAT), network address and port translation (NAPT), and load-shared network address translation (LSNAT). When providers support multiple VPNs, and/or the VPN must participate in end-to-end security, realm-specific IP (RSIP) may be a viable alternative to more traditional NAT. When defining VPN requirements, identify upper-layer protocols whose use is expected, and evaluate each to see if there is sensitivity to address manipulation mechanisms used in the VPN. Do not limit these evaluations to pure application protocols, but also consider tunnels internal to the VPN (e.g., for carrying non-IP protocols), security protocols, and special transports such as RTP. In 5, we dealt with many means of address and name virtualization. Let s consider some applications with VPNs. Figure 8.2 shows a multisite corporate network where the real servers use private address space, but the virtual servers are on the public Internet. This is a very real-world situation, although the terminology might get a little strange. If you think of the public Internet as real and the intranet as virtual, then, in this example, the real servers are on the virtual network, and the virtual servers are on the real network. DNS services may be associated with the VPN, and operated by the enterprise or the service provider. When the VPN provides dynamic addressing, the dynamic address server (DHCP, IPCP, etc.) should dynamically update the DNS zone seen by the members of the VPN.
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Note Deleting a vertex also deletes all faces and edges connected to that vertex. For example, deleting a single (top) vertex from a sphere that has been converted to an Editable Patch object leaves only a hemisphere.
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R. Langton
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To use Boolean objects to create a log cabin, follow these steps: 1. Open the Lincoln logs booleans.max file from the Chap 18 directory on the DVD. This file contains some simple primitives. 2. Select the Cylinder object, and choose the Create Compound Boolean menu command. In the Operation section, select the Subtraction (A B) option. Then in the Pick Boolean rollout, click the Pick Operand B button and select one of the Box objects. 3. Repeat the Subtraction operation on the other three boxes by right-clicking in the active viewport and performing Step 2 again. When finished, you should have a cylinder with four notches.
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The Quick Launch toolbar, pointed out in Figure 2-17, is an optional XP component that provides one-click access to frequently used programs. Exactly which programs you can start from there is entirely up to you. We ll talk about how you add and remove Quick Launch buttons in 16. For now, let s just talk about how you use the Quick Launch toolbar. Like just about everything else in Windows, the Quick Launch toolbar is optional. The option to display, or hide, the Quick Launch toolbar is a simple toggle, meaning that it s an option
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Part II Working with Objects
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Main computer (gets all messages)
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1. In the Windows Mail folder list, click the server or newsgroup you want to search. (For example, click Microsoft Communities to search all of your subscribed newsgroups.) 2. Click the Find toolbar button, or press Ctrl+Shift+F or choose Edit Find Message from the menu bar. The Find Message window opens. 3. Fill in the blanks to define your search. For example, if you want to see all posts about Movie Maker, type that name in the Message box as in Figure 19.6. 4. Click Find Now.
Transaction-based Operational View
Some commercial CDs might automatically launch some program when inserted. That might leave you wondering how in the heck you re going to copy pictures from the disk to your computer. The trick is to simply close that program and get to the CD s contents directly. So the process goes something like this:
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In 7, Fault Tolerance, we discussed planning and budgeting for fault tolerance. I have found it quite useful to group together
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