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118 Eschatology in the Byzantine Empire
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Waterlow, J. (1985) A risk assessment card. Nursing Times, 81 (48), 49 55. Waterlow, J. (1988) Prevention is cheaper than cure. Nursing Times, 84 (25), 69 70. Williams, A., Venables, J. (1996) Skin care in patients with uncomplicated lymphoedema. Journal of Wound Care, 5 (5), 223 226. Williams, D.F., Stotts, N.A., Nelson, K. (2000) Patients with existing pressure ulcers admitted to acute care. Journal of Wound and Ostomy Care Nursing, 27 (4), 216 226. World Health Organisation (2001) Lymphatic lariasis. World Health Organisation. Available online at: Yang, D., Morrison, B.D., Vandongen, Y.K., Singh, A., Stacey, M.C. (1996) Malignancy in chronic leg ulcers. Medical Journal of Australia, 164 (12), 718 720. Young, T. (2004) The 30 tilt position vs the 90 lateral and supine positions in reducing the incidence of non-blanching erythema in a hospital inpatient population: a randomised trial. Journal of Tissue Viability, 14 (3), 88 96. Young, T., Williams, C., Benbow, M., Collier, M., Banks, V., Jones, H. (1997) A study of two hydrogels used in the management of pressure sores, in (eds) Leaper, D.J., Cherry, G.W., Dealey, C., Lawrence, J.C., Turner, T.D., Proceedings of the 6th European Conference on Advances in Wound Management. Macmillan Magazines Ltd, London.
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China s Legal Framework
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Hawthorne, G., Garrard, J. & Dunt, D. (1995). Does Life Education s programme have a public health bene t Addiction, 90(2), 205 215. Holder, H.D. (1992). What is a community and what are implications for prevention trials for reducing alcohol problems In H.D. Holder & J.M. Howard (Eds), Community Prevention Trials for Alcohol Problems. Westport, CT: Praeger. Kelder, S.H., Perry, C.L., Klepp, K.I. & Lytle, L.L. (1994). Longitudinal tracking of adolescent smoking, physical activity and food choice behaviour. American Journal of Public Health, 84(7), 1121 1126. Kinder, B., Pape, N. & Wal sh, S. (1980). Drug and alcohol education. A review of outcome studies. International Journal of the Addictions, 15, 1035 1054. Jones, R. (1993). Drug Use and Exposure in the Australian Community. Canberra: Australian Government Publishing Service. Johnston, L.D., O Malley, P.M. & Bachman, J.G. (1989). Drug Use, Drinking and Smoking: National Survey Results from High School, College, and Young Adult Populations, 1975 1988. National Institute on Drug Abuse, DHHS Publication No.(ADM) 89-1638. Washington, DC: Superintendant of Documents, US Government Printing Of ce. Lang, E. (1994). Community action regarding licensing issues. In T. Stockwell (Ed.), Alcohol Misuse and Violence 5, An Examination of the Appropriateness and Ef cacy of Liquor-Licensing Laws Across Australia. Canberra: Australian Government Publishing Service. Lender, M.E. & Martin, J.K. (1987). Drinking in America: A History. New York: Free Press. Lenton, S. & Midford, R. (1996). Clarifying harm reduction Drug and Alcohol Review, 15, 411 413. Lindstrom, P. & Svensson, R. (1998). Attitudes towards drugs among youths: an evaluation of the Swedish DARE programme. Nordisk Alkohol & Narkotikatidskrift, 15(English Suppl.). McBride, N. & Midford, R. (1996). Assessing organizational support for school health promotion. Health Education Research Theory and Practice, 11(4), 509 518. McBride, N., Midford, R. & Farringdon, F. (1998). Alcohol harm reduction education in schools: An Australian ef cacy study. In T. Stockwell (Ed.), Drug Trials and Tribulations: Lessons for Australian Drug Policy. Perth: National Centre for Research into the Prevention of Drug Abuse, Curtin University of Technology, Perth. McBride, N., Midford, R., Farringdon, F. & Phillips, M. (2000). Early results from a school alcohol harm minimisation intervention: the School Health and Alcohol Harm Reduction Project. Addiction, 95(7), 1021 1042. McBride, N., Midford, R., Woolmer, J. & Philp, A. (1998). Youth Alcohol Forum: Evaluation Report. Perth: National Centre for Research into the Prevention of Drug Abuse, Curtin University of Technology. McCallum, T. (1990). Educating parents as drug educators. Drug Education Journal of Australia, 4(3), 243 249. McCallum, T. (1996). Who in uences. Youth Studies Australia, Spring, 36 41. McGuire, W.J. (1964). Inducing resistance to persuasion: some contemporary approaches. In L. Berkowitz (Ed.), Advances in Experimental Social Psychology. New York: Academic Press. Mallick, J., Evans, R. & Stein, G. (1998). Parents and drug education: parents concerns, attitudes and needs. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, 5(2), 169 176. Mezvinsky, N. (1961). Scienti c temperance instruction in the schools. History of Education Quarterly, 1, 48 56. Midford, R. & McBride, N. (1999). Evaluation of a national school drug education program in Australia. International Journal of Drug Policy, 10(3), 177 193. Milgram, G.G. (1996). Responsible decision making regarding alcohol: a re-emerging prevention/education strategy for the 1990s. Journal of Drug Education, 26(4), 357 365. Miller, P. M. & Plant, M. (1996). Drinking, smoking, and illicit drug use among 15 and 16 year-olds in the United Kingdom. British Medical Journal, 313, 394 397. National Drug Strategy Committee (1993). National Drug Strategic Plan, 1993 97. Commonwealth Department of Health, Housing Local Government and Community Services. Canberra: Australian Government Publishing Service. Of ce for Substance Use Prevention, Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration (1989). Message and Material Review Process, RPO726, Washington, DC: US Government Printing Of ce.
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Song titles only appear in the Rip window if (1) you re online when you insert the CD and 2) the CD media information is stored in the online CDDB.
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hires were employee referrals. After a decade of continuous growth, a larger technology partner purchased the company for an obscene sum. In an earlier chapter, I emphasized the importance of training the right training. If people don t know what the company s core reason for being is and what the organization is trying to accomplish, they are not going to be able to do their best. However, this assumes that you have the right people in the right positions. All the training in the world isn t going to turn a lousy people person into your best customer service rep. Someone who is terrible at math is not going to make a good financial manager, no matter how much training he or she gets. Part of the reason you should be slow to hire is that you should take the time to test candidates for their proficiency. Testing determines whether you are hiring the right person for the job or taking a chance. Testing tells you if you are putting talented candidates in a position that won t make the best use of their talents. Testing can be formal when a specific skill is involved: technical positions, accounting positions, or IT positions. Certifications may take the place of formal testing, but candidates should still be verbally questioned by someone in the know to make sure that what was covered in the certificate program really sank in. Likewise, 20 years of experience does not automatically mean that people know what you want them to know. By testing their knowledge, you can be sure. . . . QUICK TO FIRE Let s say you ve now done everything right in the hiring process.You ve kissed a lot of frogs.You ve run all the tests, checked all the references, and finally pulled the trigger. The offer has
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Dreamweaver inserts everything you need to view the database content and navigate around the site as soon as you complete this step. The only work you have left to do is customization of the otherwise generic default layout of the object. You want your Master to be quick and easy to read, so only choose the most important columns on that page, shown in Figure 44.3. Create a Recordset containing the data you want to use. With your Master page open, choose Insert Application Objects Master/Detail Page Set. A dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 44.4. Select the appropriate Recordset from the drop-down menu. Use the Minus Sign ( ) button to remove any fields you don t want shown in your Master page. If you accidentally remove one you want to keep or want to add more, click the Plus Sign (+) button. The Link To Detail From menu places a hyperlink around the database column of your choice. Choose a column that best summarizes the item, such as its name. If you are using the sample database, choose ITEM_NAME.
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5. Select Avg, Min, and Max in the Total row of the three RetailPrice fields.
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How do we develop these kinds of leaders and create these kinds of organizations We do it by starting with a leader s vision: identifying core values, de ning them, and doing what it takes to live in line with them, both now and in the future. Here are four steps for doing just that: Identify Your Core Values On the following page is a list of 60 values. Read through the words or phrases and pause to re ect on each. Circle 10 that you would say are your top values. This may take a few minutes, so don t rush it.
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