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Okay, so you think that you have a handle on code that loses its compiled state Well, here are a couple of gotchas to consider:
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Bldmake bld les, which creates the abld.bat- le Abld build, which runs the abld make le, abld export, abld library, abld target, abld nal (i.e. builds the component in directory) Abld thumb, which creates only thumb binaries Abld build w, which lists all that has been built in the directory Abld build c, which checks that every component in the directory has been built There are two kinds of S60-based build tools, the basic build tool and a set of Rom image creation tools 1. Build_S60.cmd, which cleans and builds S60 binaries from the input les speci ed in build scripts Averell30_bld.txt and Averell30_rc.txt. 2. Rom image creation tools. 3. S60Rom.cmd, which generates image for the hardware. In S60 the Rom images are two section rom-images: a. Core Image contains executable code (Epoc sw) and all the Epoc resources that are not localized plus the bitmaps.
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You can save personalized interfaces for later recall in the 3dsmax\UI directory where Max is installed. To do so, choose Customize Save Custom UI. To have Max start with your custom interface, follow these steps: 1. Customize your interface by making any desired changes. 2. Choose Customize Save Custom UI Scheme. The Save Custom UI Scheme dialog box opens. 3. Open the UI subdirectory (if you are not already there), select the MaxStart.ui file, and click OK. 4. Click OK to replace the existing file.
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Ward W. Briggs, Jr.
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D Alessandro, author of Brand Warfare, says that he frequently runs across people who say they don t pay attention to brands. When he meets these brand immune types, d Alessandro says he gives them a small test. He asks them to imagine that they need to buy a list of things, such as a washing machine, a car, or even underwear. Then he asks them how they would go
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The Use Selected Sub-Object option forms particles in the locations selected with the Pick Object button, but only within the subobject selection passed up the Stack. This is useful if you want to emit particles only from a certain selection of a mesh, such as a dragon s mouth or the end of a fire hose. The other options in the PArray system s Basic Parameters rollout are the same as in the other systems. The Particle Generation rollout includes a Divergence value. This value is the angular variation of the velocity of each particle from the emitter s normal.
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