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Figure 12-13: The Taper modifier can proportionally scale one end of an object.
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will be very small in the next iteration step and in some cases the shadow technique does not converge but the computed values move back and forth between the two values. Whenever such swinging occurs, we simply use the average of the last two values of throughput in Step 3.3. Thus we have used bisection. If class switching is allowed in the network then Class Switching we use the shadow technique in combination with the concept of chains (see Section The resulting algorithm can now be given in the following steps: Determine the chains in the network. Transform the original model into the shadow model. Set X+. = 0. Iterate: [I
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PRODUCTION Order materials, organize subcontractors
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Click Library Setup to add folders to, or remove folders from, Media Center s watch list. Pictures, music, videos, and recorded TV from all the folders you specify are added to Media Center automatically, so you can play them whenever you want. Clicking Tasks on the home page provides more than just the Setting option. You ll find options for burning optical discs (CDs and DVDs), syncing with other devices, shutting down or restarting the computer, and adding extenders.
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Achieving Escape Velocity
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In Transportation Research Circular: Progress and Promise in Alcohol, Other Drugs and Transportation (pp. 16 18). Washington, DC: Transportation Research Board. Voas, R.B. & Tippetts, A.S. (1996b). Unlicensed driving by DUIs A major safety problem. In Transportation Research Circular; Progress and Promise in Alcohol, Other Drugs and Transportation (pp. 38 39). Washington, DC: Transportation Research Board, National Transportation Safety Board. Voas, R.B., Tippetts, A.S. & Taylor, E. (1997). Temporary vehicle immobilization: evaluation of a program in Ohio. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 29(5), 635 642. Voas, R.B., Tippetts, A.S. & Taylor, E. (1998b). Temporary vehicle impoundment in Ohio: a replication and con rmation. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 30(5), 651 655. Voas, R.B., Tippetts, A.S. & Taylor, E.P. (1998c). Impact of Ohio administrative license suspension. In Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, 42nd Annual Proceedings, Charlottesville, VA, October 5 7, 1998 (pp. 401 415). Des Plaines, IL: Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine. Voas, R.B., Wells, J., Lestina, D., Williams, A. & Greene, M. (1998d). Drinking and driving in the United States: the 1996 National Roadside Survey. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 30(2), 267 275. Wagenaar, A.C. & Wolfson, M. (1995). Deterring sales and provision of alcohol to minors: a study of enforcement in 295 countries in four states. Public Health Reports, 110(4), 419 427. Wagenaar, A.C., Toomey, T.L., Murray, D.L., Short, B.J., Wolfson, M. & Jones-Webb, R. (1996). Sources of alcohol for underage drinkers. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 57(3), 325 333. Waller, J.A., King, E.M., Nielson, G. & Turkel, H.W. (1967). Alcohol and other factors in California highway fatalities. Paper presented at the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the American Association of Automotive Medicine, Spring eld, IL. Wells, J.K., Greene, M.A., Foss, R.D., Ferguson, S.A. & Williams, A.F. (1997). Drinking drivers missed at sobriety checkpoints. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 58(5), 513 517. Wells-Parker, E., Bangert-Drowns, R., McMillen, R. & Williams, M. (1995). Final results from a metaanalysis of remedial interventions with DUI offenders. Addiction, 90(7), 907 926. Wells-Parker, E. & Cosby, P.J. (1987). Impact of Driver s License Suspension on Employment Stability of Drunken Drivers. Social Research Report Series 87-3. Mississippi State University, Social Science Research Center. Wells-Parker, E. & Popkin, C. (1994). Deterrence and rehabilitation: Rehabilitation and screening research needs for the next decade. Journal of Traf c Medicine, 23, 71 78. Widmark, E.M.P. (1932). Die theoretischen Grundlagen und die praktsch Verwendbarkeit der gerichlich-medizinischen Alkoholbetimmung. Berlin: Urban und Schwarzenberg. Wilde, C.J.S., Hoste, J.L., Sheppard, D. & Wind, G. (1971). Road safety campaigns: design and evaluation. In Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (p. 75). Paris. Winsten, J.A. (1994). Promoting designated drivers: the Harvard Alcohol Project. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 10(Suppl. 1), 11 14. Wolfe, A.C. (1975). Characteristics of late-night, weekend drivers: results of the US national roadside breath-testing survey and several local surveys. In S. Israelstam & S. Lambert (Eds), Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs, and Traf c Safety (pp. 411 449). Toronto: Addiction Research Foundation of Ontario. Zador, P.K., Lund, A.K., Field, M. & Weinberg, K. (1988). Alcohol-impaired Driving Laws and Fatal Crash Involvement. Washington, DC: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Zador, P.L. (1991). Alcohol-related relative risk of fatal driver injuries in relation to driver age and sex. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 52(4), 302 310. Zobeck, T.S. & Williams, G.D. (1994). Evaluation Synthesis of the Impacts of DWI Laws and Enforcement Methods: Final Report. Contract No. ADM-281-89-0002. Rockville, MD: Of ce of Policy Analysis, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).
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The Seventh-Day Adventists
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Exhibit 18.1: Income tax rules for exchange (bartering) of services/goods Cash Plus: Fair Value of Property/Services Received Amount to Include in Taxable Income
Many of the smartcard systems that have been broken, in ways that resulted in real frauds, appear to have become vulnerable because their operators did not fully understand the technology and its limitations. This is hardly surprising; until recently, no published information was readily available on how smartcards could be attacked. The industry also sought to keep all serious technical information about its products secret. To this day, one has to sign a nondisclosure agreement to get proper software development tools for smartcards. (There are Java cards, Basic cards, and so on, but these use interpreted languages to shield the developer from the hardware and don t support users who want to run their own machine code on the device). In fact, the security target used for evaluating smartcards under the Common Criteria focuses on maintaining obscurity of the design. Chip masks must be secret, staff must be vetted, developers must sign nondisclosure agreements there are many requirements that push up industry s costs. Obscurity is also a common requirement for export approval, and there remains a suspicion that it covers up deliberately inserted vulnerabilities. For example, a card my colleagues tested would always produce the same value when instructed to generate a private/public keypair, and output the public part. Obscurity certainly does little for the customer in most smartcard applications. Almost none of the actual attacks on fielded smartcard systems used inside information. Most of them started out with a probing attack on a card bought at retail. Better protection targets were published by VISA, which specify extensive penetration testing [777]. However, as no existing products can pass such a test, the industry took the route of protecting what it could rather than what it should. I ll return to this subject to discuss the underlying economics and politics in Section
This technology isn t infallible, but used intelligently it certainly appears to have some potential.
Figure 7.17 Cutting parisienne potatoes.
Friendship, Marriage, and Other Calamities
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