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Assuming that the key, K, is available only to principals who can be trusted to execute the protocol faithfully, formal verification is now straightforward. The trick is to start from the desired result and work backward. In this case, we wish to prove that the retailer should trust the check; that is, R |" X (the syntax of checks and cryptographic keys is similar for our purposes here; a check is good if and only if it is genuine and fresh). Now R |" X will follow under the jurisdiction rule from R |" C |$ X (R believes C has jurisdiction over X) and R |" C |" X (R believes C believes X). The former condition follows from the hardware constraint, that no one except C could have uttered a text of the form {C, ...} K. The latter, that R |" C |" X, must be deduced using the nonce verification rule from #X (X is fresh) and R |" C |# X (R believes C uttered X).
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Mean Response Time Ti,: The mean response time of jobs of the rth class at the ith node can also be determined using Little s theorem (see Eq. (7.41)): (7.43) Mean Waiting Time Wi,: If the service rates are load-independent, the mean waiting time is given by: then
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ACEDAO objects use DAO as the prefix, just as DAO 3.6 objects do.
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Steven Cristol is a consultant in brand strategy and coauthor of Simplicity
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The Import Specification dialog box lets you specify formats for dates, times, field names, indexing, and data types. (For detailed information on this dialog box, see the nearby sidebar.)
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gnoring telegraphy, WAN services, as we know them, began with voice service. More specifically, in the beginning, there was analog voice over analog transport facilities. WAN services began with dial and dedicated analog services. When telephone companies began using digital services internally in the early 1960s, customer use followed slowly until regulatory changes opened the market in the early to mid 1970s. The view of integrated services started in the 1980s, but has been slow to deploy. Integrated services means a common network for carrying data, voice, and multimedia traffic. Another aspect of service integration, however, is the operational model. Significant numbers of enterprises make a point, even a fetish, of outsourcing functions that are not part of their core competency. Network services are not part of the core competency of most enterprises. The outsourcing trend, in many cases, removes the enterprise from the details of WAN connectivity. They may be concerned only with access to a carrier public or private network, or even contract for the management of their LANs. Remember that the purpose of this book is to help you make choices, rather than go into the details of protocols. How these services map
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When the scheme of individual roles and the relationships between them is clear, a job speci cation can be produced for each type of job. The job speci cation sets out the purpose, objectives and performance standards for each role. It is a key tool for channelling individual purpose and performance into the company as a whole. (A detailed example is given in Box 4.2.)
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