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Part II: Batten Down the Security Hatches . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 101
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You can overlap scenes in the Video, Audio/Music, or Title Overlay tracks. Doing so creates a fade transition between them. During that transition, the first scene in the pair fades out at the second scene fades in. The duration of the transition matches the width of the overlapping scenes. To overlap two scenes: 1. If you re in the Storyboard View, click Show Timeline. 2. Select (click on) the second of the two scenes you intend to overlap. 3. Place the mouse near the center of that second scene. The mouse pointer changes to a hand, as shown at the top of Figure 41-6. 4. Hold down the left mouse button and drag left. The sloping left edge of the blue bar that appears indicates the amount of overlap with the preceding scene, as in the middle of Figure 41-6. 5. Release the mouse button when you re happy with the amount of overlap. The overlap in the timeline reflects the duration of the overlapping between the scenes, as shown in the bottom of Figure 41-6. To watch the results, click the first of the two overlapping scenes and click the Play button in the monitor. When playback reaches the point of overlap the first scene will slowly fade out as the second scene slowly fades in. Remember, you can overlap video, titles, or audio in this manner.
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quite work correctly on your computer. When that happens, you may be able to return to the previous version of the program with minimal fuss. Get to the program s startup icon on the All Programs menu and right-click it. If you see a Restore Previous Versions option like in Figure 43.4, click it. Then follow the onscreen instructions to return to the previous version. FIGURE 43.4
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Distribution Support Center 2222
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Folder icons showing album covers.
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If we attempt to apply all of this to a forecast of what the level of output and employment will be in 1970 or 1975, we may fairly ask as the arithmetic optimists fail to ask whether the shift from labor shortage to a much more ample labor supply will in fact dampen or even eliminate the stimuli the economy enjoyed through the free-spending attitudes of consumers and the urgency of businessmen to substitute machines for workers. Indeed, in making our forecast, we have only one sure fact on which to base our estimates: the number of people of working age is going to increase much more rapidly in the future than it has in the past. But what proportion of the people of working age will actually seek jobs How many of those seeking work will nd it How many hours a week will they work How much will each of them be able to produce in an hour s or a week s work We have no answer to these questions only guesses. Nevertheless, because of the acceleration in the growth of the labor force, the increasing attractiveness of
One thing about South Africa is certain: it is not a nearshore market for any country, although it does share time zones and working hours with large parts of Europe. That said, its historical involvement with Europe, although
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