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Though we today see poetry, oratory and historiography as three separate genres, the ancients saw them as three different species of the same genus rhetoric . . . Cicero himself expressly tells us that classical historiography is opus oratorium maxime, a particularly rhetorical activity . . . classical historians, like their modern namesakes, are indeed rhetorical in the sense that they manipulate factual truths for dramatic purposes . . . Cicero understood the word rhetorical to include also the narrative of what might or could have happened . . . [Such re ections] suggest very strongly that the classical view of historical truth was indeed different from our own.20
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SS7 Protocol layers.
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Troubleshooting Multimedia
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Part 3: Biosphere
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You can also use the Bevel Deformation window to select three different types of beveling: Normal, Adaptive Linear, and Adaptive Cubic. Table 18-3 shows and describes the buttons for these three beveling types. You can select them from a flyout at the right end of the window.
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