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With the whip attachment, beat the egg whites at high speed until they form soft peaks. Gradually add the sugar with the machine running. Continue to beat until the meringue forms stiff but moist peaks.
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Hughes divides the discount rate for each year by the gross pro ts for each year to arrive at net present value pro t as follows:
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The Create New Theme Colors dialog box (shown in Figure 9.13) appears, showing the currently selected color theme.
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UML 2 Semantics and Applications. Edited by Kevin Lano Copyright 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
30. Baker, The Numerati, 43. 31. Advanced practices now do collaborative analytics extraorganizationally (i.e., my model talks to and informs your model, and vice versa). A broad trend is that higher-end analytics once the purview of PhD-wielding 10-pound brains are now available at the desktop and mobile device of normal workers. 32. I rst became aware of Mr. Heyer s speech while reading J. Walker Smith, Ann Clurman, and Craig Wood, Coming to Concurrence: Addressable Attitudes and the New Model for Marketing Productivity (Evanston, IL: Racom Communications, 2005), 5. The speech may be viewed in its entirety at: http://www.pop2life. com/stevenjheyerspeech.pdf 33. Stephen Baker, The Numerati, 55. 34. J. Walker Smith, Ann Clurman, Craig Wood, Coming to Concurrence: Addressable Attitudes and the New Model for Marketing Productivity (Evanston, IL: Racom Communications, 2005), 35. 35. Author phone interview Fall 2008. 36. Caroline Muspratt, Pay as You Drive with Norwich Union, Telegraph, October 4, 2006. 37. Ayres, Super Crunchers, 47. 38. Michael Schrage, a fellow with the MIT Sloan School s Center for Digital Business, speaking at the CIO 100 conference, Colorado Springs, Colorado, August 2008. 39. Robert Weisman, Working to Strengths Is Survival Strategy: Narrow Focus May Help Firms Stay Agile, Boston Globe, December 7, 2008. 40. C. K. Prahalad and M. S. Krishnan, The New Age of Innovation: Driving Cocreated Value through Global Networks (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2008), 95. 41. Mark Leonard, What Does China Think (New York: Perseus, 2008), 6. 42. Robert M. Gates, A Balanced Strategy: Reprogramming the Pentagon for a New Age, Foreign Affairs (January/February 2009): 28. 43. Dr. Kendra Moore, Program Manager, Information Exploitation Of ce, Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere. . . DARPATech 2007, August 9, 2007. 44. Robert H. Scales Jr., Culture-Centric Warfare, Proceedings (Annapolis, MD: U.S. Naval Institute, September 2004). 45. Utilizing Social Science Technology to Understand and Counter the 21st Century Strategic Threat, DARPATech 2005. 46. Prahalad and Krishnan, New Age of Innovation, 88. 47. Phone interview with author Winter 2009. 48. DARPA Advances Arti cial Intelligence Program for Air Traf c Control, Network World, February 11, 2008.
A Different Model to Build On
I discuss the debate on power and morality in The Fall of the Roman Empire in greater detail in Eight. But the similarity in the stance of today s neoconservatives and of the ctional Roman is striking. It indicates how topical The Fall of the Roman Empire is (and may remain). Film critic and historian Richard Corliss accordingly began an appreciation of Mann s career in 2006 in the following way: Do you think old movies can t speak to today s concerns See some of Anthony Mann s lms and think again. They spoke for their time; they speak to ours. 97 After discussing El Cid in the opening section of his article (called Jihads ), Corliss goes over Mann s most important lms and points out their current relevance. About The Fall of the Roman Empire he is predictably as critical as many others have been, but his rst mention of it is this:
Acquiring and Installing Network Hardware
The Art of the Sales Presentation
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