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Part II Working with Objects
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Tutorial: Marking heart tension
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It s easy to forget to include Alt tags when you re developing a Web page. You don t see them, and the page works perfectly in most browsers without them. Here are three ways to look for missing Alt text. You can select any image and view the Alt text area of the Property inspector to see if the alternative text has already been included. If not, simply type it into the text field in the Property inspector. If you use the Internet Explorer browser, you can turn off images so that they don t display. The Alt text is then visible in the browser window, or not visible if no Alt text is included. This method makes it easy to see all the missing Alt text on a page with one glance. To turn off images in Internet Explorer, choose Tools Internet
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Place each of the four AVERAGE numbers from the preceding table underneath the appropriate letter for TEAM in the following table and total the numbers to the right. Find the description of your team that matches the range of totals listed on the left.
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The 80/20 Rule
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There are two kinds of criticism: the kind you give and the kind you get. Let me first deal with your criticism of others. It is so easy to do, right And some of it is just natural. You do not like the way someone acted in a certain situation and it bugs you to the point you say something about it. No big deal, in my opinion. That kind of criticism is a normal thing not a good thing, but not a horrible thing and certainly a normal thing. Then there is the kind of criticism where you say something silly like, I can t believe she is wearing that! Again, a natural thing to do and no biggy. These things are not all that bad. Criticism about what someone wears or even what they do is understandable and natural. Criticism becomes dangerous when it is directed about who someone is, not what they do. No one really has the right to talk about who another person is. But is that not what you are doing in this book, Larry Not at all. I attack stupidity. I attack laziness. I attack bigotry. I attack hypocrisy. I attack dishonesty. I am not attacking people. I only attack their actions. 187
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FIGURE 11.12
Toolbar Button Name Collection Name Description Enters a name for the current collection or selects an existing collection. Creates a new collection of parameters. Creates a copy of the existing collection. Deletes the current collection. Toggle button that allows multiple parameters to be changed at once when enabled. Toggle button that maintains the current value in Absolute mode and resets the value to 0 when the mouse is released in Relative mode. Creates a key for the selected parameters when the Auto Key mode is enabled. Sets the selected parameter values to 0. Moves the selected parameters downward in the rollout order. Moves the selected parameters upward in the rollout order.
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