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The MacroRecorder menu in the MAXScript Listener window includes several options for customizing the macro recorder, including Enable: This option turns the Macro Recorder on or off. Explicit scene object names: With this option, the Macro Recorder writes the MAXScript using the names of the objects you modify so that the script always modifies those exact same objects, regardless of what object you have selected when you run the script again. For example, if the Macro Recorder watches you move a pyramid named $Pyramid01 in your scene, then the resulting MAXScript will always and only operate on the scene object named $Pyramid01. Selection-relative scene object names: With this option, the Macro Recorder writes MAXScript that operates on whatever object is currently selected. So if (when you recorded your script) you moved the pyramid named $Pyramid01, you could later select a different object and run your script, and the new object would move instead.
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Mixing and Production Methods
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8 Stocks and Sauces
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property Does it have rabies Then you begin the simulation process in your mind, considering possible courses of action and their outcomes. What will happen if I run Put out my hand What is new, and what truly excites Wright, is the idea that now we can marry this abstract human ability with the powerful computational jaws of a PC.52 Towards Science 2020 emphasized that we are transitioning from the application of computing to support scientists to do science (i.e., computational science ) to the integration of computer science concepts, tools and theorems into the very fabric of science. This transition is thought to be ushering in a new revolution in science. A revolution is taking place in the scienti c method. Hypothesize, design and run experiment, analyze results is being replaced by hypothesize, look up answer in data base. Databases are an essential part of the infrastructure of science. They may contain raw data, the results of computational analyses or simulations, or the product of annotation and organisation of data.53 Wright believes very strongly that the future of science, indeed the future of humanity, is closely linked to the future of computer simulation. He says: It s an ampli cation of our intelligence, of our imagination really. Basically, scientists used to build these dynamic models in their imaginations, and they would sit there and they would imagine, or they might do a long math chain. But it was running to the limits of the abilities of the imagination. Now we have the ability to build elaborate models on the computer that no one person could ever fully understand using their own imagination.54 Down-to-earth challenges directly in front of us include end-to-end scienti c data management, from data acquisition and data integration, to data treatment, provenance and persistence. 55 We know science is going to be a major agenda item going forward. We cannot be certain how big probably it will not be as big as
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Increasing Your Pro ts with Adjustments
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Press Ctrl+C. Right-click the selected text and choose Copy. Click the Copy button in that program s toolbar. Choose Edit Copy from that program s menu bar.
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Power Using the Internet
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Inverse Multiplexing Capability
Sometimes your employees are going to have problems with the tasks you delegate to them. There are a variety of options for getting them and their tasks back on track: Increase monitoring: Devote more time monitoring the employees who are in trouble, keeping very close track of their performance. Counsel: Openly and frankly discuss the problems with your employees and agree on plans to correct them. Rescind authority: If problems can t be resolved in a reasonable period of time, you always have the option of rescinding your employees authority to complete the tasks independently. Reassign activities: When delegation goes wrong, and if your employees just can t accomplish their assigned tasks, reassign them to workers who are better suited to perform them successfully.
onstructive self-criticism is an important part of life, but so is self-support. Mistakes help you learn what not to do. Acknowledging your successes allows you to reinforce what s already working. To be encouraged look at So instead of repeatedly how far you have come. To be focusing on what s going wrong, discouraged look at how far take the optimistic approach you have to go. and concentrate more intently Mark Sanborn on your own positives. Take 129
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