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P r o c e d u r e 1. Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Toss gently until thoroughly mixed.
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Reaching the Global Market with Innovative Products and Services
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are not much different from menus of the Middle Ages. Banquets during the Middle Ages were like huge sit-down buffets. For each course, the table was loaded with large quantities of meats, poultry, and sh dishes, usually heavily spiced, and an assortment of side dishes and sweets. Diners generally ate only what they could reach. The course was then removed, and another course, also meats and side dishes, was loaded onto the table. Again, each person ate only a fraction of the dishes present, depending on what was within reach. The modern idea of a menu in which everyone at the table eats the same dishes in the same order does not appear until the 1700s. So it is not historically accurate to give the Italian princess Caterina credit for modernizing French cuisine. On the other hand, it is fair to say that she and her offspring brought more re ned manners and elegance to European dining rooms. Italian innovations included the use of the fork as well as greater cleanliness in general. An additional Italian contribution was the invention of sophisticated pastries and desserts.
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28: Object-Oriented Programming with VBA
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Yield: 2 gal (8 L)
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Miniature Goug re Puffs
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6. Click the <interval> parameter in the window at the top and type d (a d in quotation marks). 7. Click <number> and replace it with 45 (see Figure 18.4).
Miss Italian America
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Anytime you meet a buyer for the first time, some uneasiness exists for both parties. After you've exchanged pleasantries, make your purpose known quickly. Spell out any ground rules that you want to adhere to, especially how you'll attribute the information you're gathering and whether the interviewee will get a chance to see your findings before others do. Be sure to give the other person an opportunity to change the rules. By taking this small step early in the interview, you set the tone for a forthright discussion.
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