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specific risk.147 We subsequently run a linear regression on these observation points to display the long-term trend.148 Figure 2.5 shows that, despite our hypothesized reduction of specific risk due to risk-management actions at the individual transaction level, systematic risk decreased for the overall banking industry. These industry level results for the banking industry can be replicated at the individual bank level.149 Note that in the beginning of the sample period the systematic risk constitutes roughly 80% of the overall risk which is in line with the fact that bank betas are roughly around 1.0, meaning that banks fluctuate basically as the market does. However, this component decreases over time to below 65%.150 Note also that the betas over time were fairly stable for all banks and hence the banking industry overall. An exception is the aftermath of the financial crisis in the fall of 1998, which led to an increase in the betas.151 We compared these results for the banking industry to the development in other industries. Even though we looked at basically all available (DJ EURO STOXX) industry indices and conducted the same analysis as above, we would like to present three representative results here (as a control sample). We selected three industries that had an index performance similar to that of the banking industry (320.90%) over the selected time period (as summarized in Table 2.1). Additionally, one could argue that all of these three industries tend to be as cyclical as the banking industry.152 However, the results were very different with regard to the development of the split between systematic and specific risk. Whereas the energy sector (the same results can be observed for
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Figure 2.2 Deviations in bank performance. Source: Datastream and author s analysis. relative level vis- -vis the broad market. The best and worst performers are depicted in Figures 2.3 and 2.4. It is worthwhile to note the sharp decrease in value for all banks following the Russian and Southeast Asian crises in the fall of 1998, reflecting the extreme sensitivity of the market capitalization of banks to financial crisis situations. Of course these results are only a snapshot and will deviate for different time windows. But, despite the influence of numerous merger and acquisition (M&A) activities48 and the broad consolidation in the banking industry,49 which do also influence these results,50 we can observe a general trend that banks tend to underperform compared to the overall market.51 What are the reasons for this phenomenon and how can the differences in performance between various banks be explained Given the preceding results, one could ask the provocative question: Is value maximization really
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Katherine Lemon is an assistant professor in Boston College s school of
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You use the Application object s SetOption method to set each of these properties, and the GetOption method to retrieve the current value. The syntax of the SetOption method is
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Rationales for Risk Management in Banks
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