Part II: Marketing and sales plan in .NET

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(d) Pull out the breastbone or keel bone. This helps the chicken lie at and cook evenly.
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Beginning with Office 4.x all Microsoft products have featured tooltip help those little yellow notes that appear when you hold the mouse cursor over a control or button. (Microsoft calls these prompts control tip help.) You add tooltips to Access forms by adding the help text to the control s ControlTip Text property (see Figure 19.10). By default the text in a tooltip doesn t wrap, but you can add a new line character by pressing Ctrl+Enter in the ControlTip Text property wherever you want the break to appear. In general, you should consistently use tooltips throughout an application. After your users become accustomed to tooltips, they expect them on all but the most obvious controls.
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her diagnosis, she answered: I entered the salient features into Google, and it popped right up. The attending physician was abbergasted. William Osler must be turning over in his grave. You Googled the diagnosis . . . Are we physicians no longer needed The reference to William Osler is particularly apt. Osler, who was one of the founders of John Hopkins, is the father of the medical residency program the continuing cornerstone of all clinical training. Osler would be turning in his grave at the thought of Google diagnoses and Google treatments because the Internet disrupts the dependence of young doctors on the teaching staff as the dominant source of wisdom.11 Dave Hammond is arguably one of the smartest guys on the planet when it comes to health data. He used to be the chief technology of cer at Dossia ( the frame-breaking consortium of large employers united in their goal of providing employees, their dependents, retirees, and others in their communities with an independent, lifelong health record. He is currently vice president of information technology and architecture at Cardinal Health Clinical & Medical Products. Hammond is very concerned that information about what s happening inside of hospitals and how medical devices are used is very siloed. Analytics helps executives see the big picture. It changes: [H]ow we look at things. And you know, it s a classic case of possibilities arising from looking at the data. Before the fact people ask me, Well, what are we going to get learn I say, I don t know, but I guarantee we ll come out with pretty good ideas. 12
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Clicking the Maintenance button on the Advanced tab opens the Maintenance dialog box for Windows Mail, shown in Figure 18.56. The Maintenance tab in the Windows Mail Options dialog box provides a few options for automatically managing e-mail messages. The first option, Empty messages from the Deleted Items folder on exit, permanently deletes all messages in the Deleted Items folder when you close Windows Mail. The advantage is that you free up that disk space immediately. The disadvantage is that you lose the safety net of being able to restore accidentally deleted items before you permanently delete them. The second option, Purge deleted messages when leaving IMAP folders, only applies to IMAP e-mail accounts. If selected, this option permanently deletes any messages you marked for deletion as soon as you leave the folder.
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All event procedures must be removed from reports. SSRS reports do not support events.
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Foie Gras, Liver Terrines, and Rillettes
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Differentiation Idea #2: Own an Attribute
The Search box in the upper-right corner provides a quick way to search just the selected newsgroup. In the navigation pane, click the name of the newsgroup you want to search. (You can t search the whole server or account. It has to be one of the newsgroups under the account name.) Then type a word or phrase into the Search box. As you type, headers for messages that don t contain the word or phrase disappear. To clear out the Search box and see all headers again, press Escape (Esc).
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