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preview output is rendered like the viewports, certain selected objects such as Lights and Cameras actually display their icons as part of the file. The Frame Numbers option prints the frame number in the upper-left corner of each frame. The Rendering Level drop-down list includes the same shading options used to display objects in the viewports, including Smooth, Smooth + Highlights, Facets, Facets + Highlights, Lit Wireframes, Wireframe, and Bounding Box. Output options include the default AVI option; a Custom File Type option, which enables you to choose your own format; and the Use Device option, which you can use to render the preview to a different device. For the AVI option, you can select a CODEC, which is used to compress the resulting file. Options include Cinepak Code by Radius, Microsoft Video 1, and Full Frames (uncompressed), depending on the CODECs that are installed on your system. When the Use Device option is selected, the Choose Device button becomes active. Clicking this button opens the Select Output Image Device dialog box, where you can select and configure output devices such as a Digital Recorder. At the bottom of the dialog box is a Render Viewport drop-down list, where you can select which viewport to use to create your preview file. The Create button starts the rendering process. When a preview is being rendered, the viewports are replaced with a single image of the current render frame, and the Status bar is replaced by a Progress bar and a Cancel button. Figure 31-17 shows a preview file being created.
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whose output positions the input linkage on the pitch axis elevator power control unit (PCU). The PCU can be regarded as a dynamic element with essentially the same form of response characteristics as the actuator analyzed in Section 2.5. The PCU output drives the elevator control surface causing the aircraft to respond in pitch.
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wiser, as all possible plaintexts are just as likely. This system is known as the one-time pad. Leo Marks engaging book on cryptography in the Special Operations Executive in World War II [523] relates how one-time key material was printed on silk, which agents could conceal inside their clothing; whenever a key had been used, it was torn off and burned. An example should explain all this. Suppose you had intercepted a message from a wartime German agent, which you knew started with Heil Hitler, and that the first 10 letters of ciphertext were DGTYI BWPJA. This means that the first 10 letters of the onetime pad were wclnb tdefj, as shown in Figure 5.3. Once he had burned the piece of silk with his key material, the spy could claim that he was actually a member of the anti-Nazi underground resistance, and that the message actually said Hang Hitler. This is quite possible, as the key material could just as easily have been wggsb tdefj, as shown in Figure 5.4. Now, we rarely get anything for nothing in cryptology, and the price of the perfect secrecy of the one-time pad is that it fails completely to protect message integrity. Suppose that you wanted to get this spy into trouble; you could change the ciphertext to DCYTI BWPJA, as shown in Figure 5.5. During the World War II, Claude Shannon proved that a cipher has perfect secrecy if and only if there are as many possible keys as possible plaintexts, and if every key is equally likely; therefore, the one-time pad is the only kind of system that offers perfect secrecy [694, 695].
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the contemplation of his beloved. But how do gratitude and a sense of thanksgiving help sustain a positive, optimistic attitude As we ve already discussed, life is dif cult, with adversity and disappointments built in. Expecting that everything will go well is not healthy; in fact, unrealistic expectations are a sure road to unhappiness and disappointment. But failing to appreciate the best in life is equally unhealthy.
1. Place the ham(s) in a stockpot with enough water to cover. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to a simmer. Simmer for 1 hour. Drain. 2. Cut off skin and excess fat. Leave fat covering about 1 2 in. (1 cm) thick. Score the fat with a knife. 3. Place the ham fat side up in a roasting or baking pan. Spread with a thin layer of prepared mustard. Mix the sugar and cloves and sprinkle over the ham. 4. Bake at 350 F (175 C) about 1 hour. (Caution: Sugar burns easily, so check ham after 30 45 minutes.) 5. Place cider, raisins, sugar, nutmeg, and lemon rind in saucepan and simmer 5 minutes. 6. Mix cornstarch with a little cold water or cold cider and stir into the sauce. Simmer until thickened. 7. Add salt to taste. 8. Slice ham (as for leg of lamb, Figure 11.3). Serve 5-oz (150-g) portion with 2 oz (60 mL) sauce on the side.
I would like to briefly share a story about my father s passing on to illustrate how I would hope we should all pass on. Before the age of 85, my father, whom his family and many friends affectionately called Papa Joe, surpassed his total load capacity of cumulative toxic damage and became critically ill. He had 22 inches of his descending colon removed from cancer, had arthritis in his knees, and was hard of hearing and had advanced cataracts. Up to this point he had felt invincible. Papa Joe, at 84, made drastic changes in his lifestyle and diet. He full-heartedly lived and ate by the recommendations in this book. These changes were so powerful and decisive that he fully revived his health. His hair grew in thicker, 60 percent of the black color returned, the cancer was neutralized and the arthritis subsided. Papa Joe s facial skin became taut, clear and radiant. He began to sing and dance because he had such robust energy and deep unassisted sleep. From 85 to 94, Papa Joe had brilliant health, the best decade of his life. He became a crusader to enlighten seniors about the possibility and the power of change. Papa Joe began at 85 with serious ailments, and look at his results. Imagine if you really begin before this. At 94, the cancer in his liver was bringing the vibrant chapter of his life to an end. Surrounded by his loving children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, as well as wonderful neighbours and friends, he spent his last month of life at home. He was not feeling well for a month, was ill for a week and very ill for one day. He was alert, conscious, loving, accepting and totally present. I am so very blessed to have spent 24 hours a day with him for that month. As Papa Joe passed on, he gently placed my hand on his heart, raised his arms and shouted, I am ready to go home, I want to go now, I took good care of Grace, (my mother), I love all my children equally, I want to go home now, take
Type the new name. (Never change the extension that comes after the period.) Then press Enter. If you renamed one file, only that file s name will be changed. If you renamed several files, they ll all have the same name followed by a number; for example, Swans (2), Swans (3), Swans (4), and so forth. If you change your mind after renaming, press Undo (Ctrl+Z). But you have to do it right after pressing Enter. If you move on to other tasks, you may not be able to undo the rename.
Know and understand the characteristics of polymorphic interface and shared library (static) DLLs Know that UID2 values are used to distinguish between static and polymorphic DLLs, and between plug-in types For a shared library, understand which functions must be exported if other binary components are to be able to access them Know that Symbian OS does not allow library lookup by name but only by ordinal
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