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The messages aren t really deleted until you empty the Deleted Items folder. In that regard, they re still taking up space on your hard disk. To really get rid of the unwanted messages, you need to empty the Deleted Items folder. But keep in mind that doing so is a lot like putting all the stuff from your wastepaper basket in a dumpster or incinerator. There s no changing your mind after that point and getting messages back. So before you empty your Deleted Items folder, you may want to review the messages that are in there, and move out any that you intended to keep. To empty your Deleted Items folder, right-click its name in the Folder list and choose Empty Deleted Items folder (see Figure 18.40). Or choose Edit Empty Deleted Items Folder from the menu bar. FIGURE 18.40
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cherry tomato,dozens of varieties of heirloom tomatoes are grown and marketed. These come in all shades of red, pink, yellow, and green, all with somewhat different avors. Evaluation: Firm but not hard, with little or no green core. Smooth, without bruises,blemishes,cracks,or discoloration.If underripe,let stand two to three days at room temperature. Do not refrigerate. Preparation: For use with skin on: Wash,remove core.To peel:Plunge into boiling water for 10 20 seconds (riper tomatoes take less time). Cool immediately in ice water.Slip skins off and remove core.(Note:Many chefs core the tomatoes and cut a shallow x in the skin at the bottom before blanching in boiling water. Other chefs, wishing to avoid even the slightest loss of avor and nutrients from the exposed esh into the water, rst blanch the tomatoes and then core them and pull off the skins, which slip off just as easily.) See Figure 16.16 for further techniques. Percentage Yield: 90% (peeled)
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value. The UV and XY options let you switch between texture coordinates and object coordinates for the falloff. The Edge Distance lets you specify the Soft Selection falloff in terms of the number of edges from the selection instead of a falloff value. You also can choose the falloff profile as Smooth, Linear, Slow Out, or Fast Out.
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If a class is externally derivable (that is, if it has an exported or inlined, public or protected constructor), adding, removing or modifying virtual functions will break compatibility. If a derived class de nes its own virtual functions, these will be placed in the virtual function table directly after those de ned by the base class (see 2). If a virtual function is added or removed in the base class, there will be a change in the vtable position of any virtual functions de ned by a derived class (see 3). Thus any code that was compiled against the original version of the derived class will now be using an incorrect vtable layout, breaking binary compatibility. The following modi cations of virtual functions will also break compatibility: Changing the parameters Modifying the return type Changing the use of const. However, changes to the internal operation of the function, for example bug xes, do not affect backward compatibility.
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Sooner or later, the viewports will feel too small. When this happens, you have several ways to increase the size of your viewports. The first trick to try is to change the viewport sizes by clicking and dragging any of the viewport borders. Dragging on the intersection of the viewports resizes all the viewports. Figure 2-6 shows the viewports after being dynamically resized.
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Note You need a .NET Passport to post to most Microsoft newsgroups. If you don t want a .NET Passport, you can find plenty of non-Microsoft newsgroups on the Web. Just search Google (www.google.com) for newsgroups, and you ll find tons of them.
Hiring an employee is far from a perfect science. It s a matter of best guesses and hunches, constantly trying to minimize your risk and improve the chances that an employee will succeed. Making matters worse, most managers tend to hire after their own image, thus multiplying their perceived strengths but also compounding their weaknesses. For example, a big-picture strategist will likely look to hire an analytical person who thinks the same way (and values the same things) as he or she does. What would likely be of greater help, however, is for that manager to hire someone who is different and perhaps even opposite to himself or herself, in this case, someone very detailed and process oriented. In other words, the best managers look to complement their owns skills and strengths not to enhance those existing capacities.
Yield: approximately 1 lb 12 oz (800 g)
Healing by second intention
ecause no two printers are exactly alike, printing is more a matter of knowing your printer rather than knowing your computer or Windows. The best I can do here is provide some general pointers that apply to most printers. But for specifics on your printer, the manual that came with the printer, or the main Web page for the product, will be your best bet.
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