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It is not essential to remember the above mathematical proofs to understand and analyze feedback control systems. It is presented here, however, for completeness.
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Element Relationship
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FIGURE 22.4 Copying pictures from a Kodak Photo CD.
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Figure 25-33 shows the planets in space as a rendered image.
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Use your own spending. Don t use rules of thumb or rely on surveys of other retirees. Decide what you want to do in retirement. Draw up a budget of how much that would cost today. This annual retirement spending might equal or exceed spending during the working years. Count on inflation. Even low inflation has a strong effect over 10 years or more. A 3 percent annual inflation rate cuts purchasing power in half over 24 years and by close to 20 percent after five years. Even a low 2 percent inflation rate cuts the standard of living by 20 percent after 10 years. For example, after 10 years of only 2 percent inflation, almost $12,200 is needed to buy what $10,000 used to buy (a 22 percent increase). After 15 years, almost $13,500 is needed. If inflation doubles to 4 percent, almost $15,000 is needed after 10 years and $18,000 after 15 years. Here s another way to look at it. A dollar in 1982 had the purchasing power of about 59 cents in 2002. A 1967 dollar equaled about 19 cents in 2002. It won t happen overnight, but it is painful over time. See Chart 3.1. A key issue is which inflation rate to use. People who were planning retirement in the early 1980s would use a 4 percent to 5 percent annual rate. The average annual inflation rate from 1962 to 1982 was 5.9 percent. That turned out to be much too high for the following 20 years, when inflation rose only 3.2 percent annually. Overestimating inflation causes a pre-retiree to save more money than required. Those planning retirement today might be tempted to use a 1 percent to 2 percent rate, based on recent history, but this would be risky. If inflation rates rise in the future, they won t have saved enough for retirement. Ideally, a separate inflation rate is assigned to each item of proposed retirement spending. The usefulness of that method, however, still depends on being able to estimate future inflation accurately. Don t underestimate longevity. People who retire today have life expectancies that were only dreamed of during their youth. A common retirement planning mistake is to underestimate life expectancy and spend
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Yield: 1 pt (500 mL)
Troubleshooting Startup Problems
Next, you ll get the standard security warning that appears whenever you download and install any program. Just click Yes, and follow the instructions on the screen until the update is complete. After you ve finished this whole hullabaloo with e-mail verification and updates, everything will be ready to go, and you can forget all about setting up your account and verifying your e-mail address. From here on out, you can just sign in and use Windows Messenger as described in the sections that follow.
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