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(f) Finish rolling the dough. (e) Stretch the point of the triangle slightly as you roll it.
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Increase Substantive Tests Detection Risk
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Drivers not previously found guilty of an alcohol offense are generally given the opportunity to participate in programs involving some combination of education or counseling to avoid or shorten the period of license suspension. Perhaps the rst well-documented remedial effort designed to deal speci cally with alcohol-impaired driving was that reported by Steward & Malfetti (1970). Although the substance of education and counseling programs varies from one program to another, the most common focal points are: (a) the effects of alcohol from its general effect upon health and everyday functioning to its speci c effects upon safe operation of motor vehicles; (b) the relationship between amount and rate of consumption to the blood alcohol level and impairment; (c) the laws governing drinking and driving and the sanctions for which violators are at risk; and (d) the in uences that lead to heavy drinking and ways of neutralizing them. The effectiveness of various court-mandated remedial programs in reducing drink driving recidivism among DUI offenders has been extensively studied. The results of these studies have been reviewed and synthesized (Voas, 1972; Struckman-Johnson & Mushill, 1976; Swenson & Clay, 1977; Mann et al., 1983). These reviewers found that, although most of the studies faced serious methodological problems that undermined their conclusiveness, certain programs evidenced some small impact upon recidivism when compared with the absence of any program. The alternative to education and counseling programs is generally suspension of licenses. McKnight & Voas (1991) found that without some form of education, counseling or treatment program, the effects of suspension upon alcohol-impaired driving lasted only as long as the driver was incapacitated by the license suspension. Further, this could be attributed to a reduction in driving exposure rather than any selective effect upon drink driving itself. An extensive meta-analysis of 215 independent evaluations of remedial programs by WellsParker et al. (1995) found remedial programs yielding an average reduction of 8 9%, both in recidivism for alcohol-impaired driving offenses and in alcohol-related accidents. Alternatively, licensing sanctions alone tended to be associated with reduction in occurrence of non-alcohol . . . crashes . The effects of the individual interventions could not be readily differentiated because the evaluations addressed varying combinations of remediation. Moreover, the populations addressed varied considerably from one intervention to another. However, educational programs for rst offenders predominated.
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unless either the sender or the recipient takes positive action to preserve it. At my university, for example, we destroy exam scripts and examiners working notes after four months. If we held on to them for too long, we would have to give the students access under data protection law, but if we destroyed them too soon, we could prejudice an appeal. Once everything is electronic, implementing such a policy will be complicated by all the system backups we keep. A solution is to encrypt archives with keys kept in a device that is programmed to erase them at the right time. Third, these devices can reduce the need to trust human operators. As I remarked, their main purpose in some government systems was reducing the street value of key material to zero . A crypto ignition key for a STU-III should allow a thief only to masquerade as the rightful owner, and only if he has access to an actual STU-III telephone, and only as long as neither the key nor the phone have been reported stolen. The same general considerations applied in ATM networks: no bank wanted to make its own customers security depend on the trustworthiness of the staff of another bank. Fourth, tamper-resistant devices can be used to control value counters, as with the prepayment electricity discussed in Section 14.7.1. These typically use devices such as the DS5002 or the iButton to hold both the vend keys for local meters and a credit counter. Even if the device is stolen, the total value of electricity tokens it can vend is limited. This seems to be a special case of a more general application, in which some part of a central server s processing is delegated to a device in the field. But the most compelling examples I can think of concern value. Note that a guarded corporate dataprocessing center is also a tamper-resistant processor; applications of this type can often be spotted by the fact that they could also be implemented centrally if a completely reliable network existed. For example, if all electricity meters and vend stations were online, then prepayment metering could be done using straightforward authenticated messaging. Note, too, that delegation also occurs between corporate data processing centers, as when banks use hot-card lists to authenticate card transactions on other banks. Here, tamper-resistant devices may be used to provide extra assurance (though often logging mechanisms are sufficient where the continued solvency of the principals can be relied on). This is an incomplete list. But what these applications have in common is that a security property can be provided independently of the trustworthiness of the surrounding computer environment. In other words, be careful when using tamper-resistant devices to try to offset the lack of a trustworthy user interface. This doesn t mean that no value at all can be added where the interface is problematic. For example, the tamper-resistant crypto modules used in ATM networks cannot prevent small-scale theft using bogus ATMs; but they can prevent large-scale PIN compromise if used properly. In general, tamper-resistant devices are often a useful component, but only very rarely provide a fully engineered solution. Finally, it is worth noting that tamper-resistance provides little protection against legal attack. If you rely on it to keep algorithms proprietary, your competitors can bring a patent infringement suit (however frivolous) simply to force disclosure of your design. This actually happens!
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There is insuf cient evidence to suggest a de nitive treatment for wet desquamation. The main goal is to choose a dressing that is comfortable for the patient and promotes healing. Depending on the level of exudate, this could include
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States may have an internal structure of states, which represent subphases of the phase (of an object/system life cycle or operation processing) represented by the state. The substates of a state are analogous to the subclasses of a class. In terms of a metamodel (Figure 1.6), a composite state s has s.region nonempty; the elements r.subvertex for r s.region are then the substates of s, which can be normal states or pseudostates. Two special forms of state are nal states, denoted by a bull s-eye symbol, which denotes termination of the containing state, and the history state, denoted by the H symbol. A transition to a history state has as actual target the most recently occupied substate of the composite state containing the history state. Composite states with single regions (region has size 1) are termed OR states; composite states with multiple regions are termed AND states. When the system is in an OR state, it is in exactly one direct substate of this state; when it is in an AND state, it is in all regions of the state.1 AND states are divided into concurrent parts (the regions), which describe parts of the life cycle of an object (or operation) that can happen semi-independently. It is possible to have any number of regions in a concurrent state, and to refer to the state of one region within another. Figure 1.8 shows a lift state machine with three states organized as substates of an OR composite state At oor. A transition from a composite state, such as doors close, abbreviates a set of transitions, one from each of the immediate substates of the composite state. Transitions may have multiple sources and multiple targets, but all the sources must be in different regions of some AND state, and similarly for the targets. By default, a region of anAND composite state is entered at its initial state, an action termed implicit entry. An example of an AND state is shown in Figure 1.9, where the lift and the lift door are represented as two regions of the same AND composite state. The initial state of this composite state is the tuple (idle,closed) of the initial states of its regions.
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147An alternate method would have been to run regressions as described in the market model [see, for example, Steiner and Bruns (1995), pp. 32+] for each of the ninetyday windows and determine the adjusted R2. Running a regression on these results would have resulted in the same graph for systematic risk because the adjusted R2 explains the systematic risk contribution. 148Regression equation and R2 for systematic risk observations are also displayed in Figure 2.5. 149Even though we will not display all results of our analysis, we refer to the Appendix to this chapter and the results for Deutsche Bank. 150The split for example, for Deutsche Bank shows that the systematic to specific risk goes down from 85% : 15% to 70% : 30%. 151The effects show up in the shift of systematic to specific risk in the beginning of 1999. 152Note also that all of these three industries had a similar level of betas over time as the banking industry.
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Listening (most frequent). Speaking/presenting (next most frequent). Writing (next most frequent). Reading (least frequent). printing code 39 barcodes
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double bond of b_. Treatment of 7 with NaH gives a f o r t u n a t e l y unidirectional a l k y l a t i o n with methyl w-iodoheptanoate introduces the r e q u i s i t e saturated sidechain; l i t h i u m i o d i d e - c o l l i d i n e treatment chain methyl glycol ester linkage is saponifies the ester during the course of which the extra carboxy group is l o s t ; the siderestored with diazomethane and ethylene to a is Bayergroup future 9_. In Next, bond periodate-perleads by the future keto group is manganate oxidation established. Villiger C-9 protected by reaction with the double and
P r o c e d u r e 1. Trim fat and sinews from the livers. 2. Sprinkle the livers lightly with salt. Add milk to cover and let stand overnight, refrigerated. This step is optional, but it results in a slightly milder avor and lighter color.
When somebody sends you a URL via some sort of text message, like certain e-mail messages and discussion boards, the text won t be a hyperlink. That is, it won t be colored or underlined, and clicking it will do nothing. When that happens, it s not necessary to retype the URL into your browser s Address bar. You can use standard copy and paste to copy it. Here s how: 1. Start with the mouse pointer just outside the URL to copy, and then drag the mouse pointer through the whole URL, and nothing but the URL, as in Figure 32-3.
Let s suppose that the attacker is one of your employees; he has a machine attached to your LAN, and he wants to take over an account in someone else s name to commit a fraud. Given physical access to the network, he can install packet sniffer software to harvest passwords, get the root password, and create a suitable account. However, if your staff use challenge-response password generators, or are careful enough to only use a root password at the keyboard of the machine it applies to, then he has to be more subtle. One approach is to try to masquerade as a machine where the target user has already logged on. ARP is one possible target; by running suitable code, the attacker can give wrong answers to ARP messages and claim to be the victim. The victim machine might notice if alert, but the attacker can always wait until it is down or take it down by using another attack. One possibility is to use subnet masks. Originally, IP addresses used the first 3 bytes to specify the split between the network address and the host address. Now they are interpreted as addressing network, subnetwork, and host, with a variable network mask. Diskless workstations, when booting, broadcast a request for a subnet mask; many of them will apply any subnet mask they receive at any time. So by sending a suitable subnet mask, a workstation can be made to vanish.
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