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1. Click the arrow to the left of Data Collector Sets to expand the tree beneath it. Then expand the System icon beneath Data Collector Sets. 2. Right-click LAN Diagnostics and choose Start. The system will start collecting data for the different components of the collector. 3. Let the system run for a while, and when you re ready, right-click LAN Diagnostics again and choose Stop this time. Stopping the collector may take a little while. On my system it took almost 30 seconds. 4. Next, navigate to the Reports section within Reliability and Performance Monitor as shown in Figure 50.10.
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Part IV: Professional Database Development
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Figure 33-22: The General tab of Outlook Express s Options dialog box
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CrossReference Appendix C, Max Keyboard Shortcuts, lists all the default keyboard shortcuts.
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2. The Ending
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If you just want to auto-start a program for your own user account, or a particular user account, don t put the desktop icons in the All Users Startup folder. Instead, put the shortcut icons in C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Start Menu\Programs\Startup, where UserName is the name of the user account. Whenever you see a long path like the one above, there are a couple of ways to get to the folder or file at the end of the path. One is to Open My Computer and then click the icon for the drive letter at the start of the path (C: in this example). From there, open each folder name in succession. That is, open the Documents and Setting folder, then the UserName folder, then the Start Menu Folder, and so forth, until you ve opened the Startup folder. The other method is to use the Folders list to navigate down to the last folder name.
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Plan Output = 200 Rate = $22.86/Resolve Complaints Actual Output = 180 *Actual Inquiries adds to be 590; however, each Period 3 Driver Qtys.: Customer P/A Inquiries Complaints customer is given 20 Inquiries prior to being C100 Plan 600 100 allocated the additional customer services C200 Plan 400 100 costs. Therefore, 350 Handle Inquiries process C100 Act. 370 100 quantities are posted to C100. C200 Act. 220 80
Additional Rationales for Risk Management in Banks
What Is the Problem You Are Trying to Solve
N OT E You can find this pop-up page in the Technique 16 folder on the CD-ROM. The filename is 16_ 2-launcher.htm, and its graphics are in the same folder s images directory.
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