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} Expect(semicolon); } The code generated by CoCo/R is similar to our model of recursive descent parsing considered above in this chapter. In particular, CoCo/R uses the Expect routine to eat mandatory tokens (similar to our eat routine). The above code is self-evident. CoCo/R is quite popular and comfortable. We use CoCo/R in a number of our research projects. To summarize the content of this chapter, we have considered a variety of approaches to parsing, syntax error recovery, and parsing con ict resolution, from the simplest ones as recursive descent to far more sophisticated and covering wider class of input languages LR parsing and generalized parsing. We also overviewed classical and modern parser generators that constitute state of the art in this area. So, as the readers may have realized, modern compiler developers typically don t have to develop lexical analyzers and parsers from scratch. There are several widely approved and used schemes and tools for lexical analyzer and parser generation that help to automate the process of compiler development, and to receive the resulting quite readable, understandable, and trustworthy code of the lexer and the parser, augmented by semantic actions, with built-in mechanisms of error recovery and resolving con icts. So the progress in lexer and parser generators is evident. However, programming languages are also progressing and developing, so lexer and parser generators still remain quite a challenging research and development area for compiler experts. In particular, in 10, we offer our own compiler generator, Phoenix-FETE [60], intended to be used together with Microsoft Phoenix [3] compiler back-end development toolkit. bar code reader
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Removing a breakpoint involves nothing more than clicking on the breakpoint indicator in the Margin Indicator bar. Breakpoints are also automatically removed when you close the application.
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Post-layout synthesis tweaks and synthesis Timing constraints
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20: Advanced Access Report Techniques
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For i = 0, 1, . . . , n - 1 do:
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the keystream generator won t be able to generate the same keystream unless they know the key. I mentioned the one-time pad, and Shannon s result that a cipher has perfect secrecy if and only if there are as many possible keys as possible plaintexts, and every key is equally likely. Such security is called unconditional (or statistical) security, as it doesn t depend either on the computing power available to the opponent or on there being no future advances in mathematics that provide a shortcut attack on the cipher. One-time pad systems are a very close fit for our theoretical model, except that they are typically used to secure communications across space rather than time: there are two communicating parties who have shared a copy of the randomly generated keystream in advance. Vernam s original telegraph cipher machine used punched paper tape; of which two copies were made in advance, one for the sender and one for the receiver. A modern diplomatic system might use optical tape, shipped in a tamperevident container in a diplomatic bag. Various techniques have been used to do the random generation. Marks describes how SOE agents silken keys were manufactured in Oxford by little old ladies shuffling counters. One important problem with keystream generators is that we want to prevent the same keystream being used more than once, whether to encrypt more than one backup tape or to encrypt more than one message sent on a communications channel. During World War II, the amount of Russian diplomatic traffic exceeded the quantity of onetime tape they had distributed in advance to their embassies, so it was reused. This was a serious blunder. If M1 + K = C 1 , and M2 + K = C 2 , then the opponent can combine the two ciphertexts to get a combination of two messages: C 1 C 2 = M1 M2 ; and if the messages Mi have enough redundancy, then they can be recovered. Text messages do in fact contain enough redundancy for much to be recovered; and in the case of the Russian traffic, this led to the Venona project in which the United States and United Kingdom decrypted large amounts of wartime Russian traffic afterward and broke up a number of Russian spy rings. The saying is: Avoid the two-time tape! Exactly the same consideration holds for any stream cipher, and the normal engineering practice when using an algorithmic keystream generator is to have a seed as well as a key. Each time the cipher is used, we want it to generate a different keystream, so the key supplied to the cipher should be different. So, if the long-term key that two users share is K, they may concatenate it with a seed that is a message number N (or some other nonce), then pass it through a hash function to form a working key h(K, N). This working key is the one actually fed to the cipher machine.
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Reading control properties
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Use the Form group on the ribbon s Create tab to add new forms to your database. Blank Form (Layout view) Form Wizard
You could create an Auto Playlist, perhaps named Today s Tunes by specifying this criterion:
While there is an assumption of universal service in POTS and the Internet, there are also lots of nasty people about who emphatically do not belong in your intranet or extranet.
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