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This chapter serves as an introduction to Character Studio and covers all aspects of working with bipeds. The following topics were covered: Learning the basic workflow for creating characters Creating and editing biped skeletons Animating bipeds using footsteps and freeform keys Rigging characters is a process of defining how the character can move. It is covered in the next chapter.
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Abaisser (ah bay say) To roll a dough to the desired thickness with the aid of a rolling pin. Abats (ah bah) Offal; internal organs of butchered animals sold mainly by stores called triperies that specialize in this.White offal are sweetbreads, feet, brains. Red offal are heart, lungs, liver. Abattis (ah bah tee) The feet, neck, head, wingtips, liver, gizzard, and heart of poultry. Accommoder (ah koh mo day) To prepare and season a dish for cooking. Acidi er (ah si di fee ay) To add lemon juice or vinegar to fruits, vegetables, and sh to prevent oxidation. Aciduler (ah see dyoo lay) To make a preparation slightly acidic,tart,or tangy by adding a little lemon juice or vinegar. Affuter (ah foo tay) To sharpen the cutting edge of a knife by using a steel or sharpening stone. Aiguillette (ay gee yet) A long,narrow slice of meat cut from the breast of poultry (especially duck) and game birds. Aiguiser (ay gee zay) See Affuter. Allumettes (al loo met) (1) A type of savory petits fours (long rectangle of puff pastry) covered with cheese or lled with anchovies.(2) Very thin French fries; pommes allumettes. Anglaise (on glez) (1) A mixture of whole eggs,oil,water,salt,and pepper, used to help coat food with our and bread crumbs. (2) A dish cooked in boiling water (e.g., potatoes). Aplatir (ah pla teer) To atten a piece of meat or sh in order to make it more tender and to facilitate cooking. Appareil (ah pa ray) A mixture of the principal elements of a final recipe (usually egg based). Aromate (ah row mat) A condiment or vegetable with a characteristic smell or taste (spices and herbs).Often used in reference to a combination of avoring vegetables,such as carrot,onion,leek,and celery. Arroser (ah row zay) To baste; the wetting of meat or sh with a liquid or fat during or after cooking. Aspic (a spik) A dish composed of meat, vegetables, and/or sh that is cooked, chilled, and molded in gelatin. Assaisonner (ah say zo nay) To season; the addition of a preparation of certain ingredients that bring out the avor of the food. Attendrir (ah ton drear) (1) To allow a piece of meat to age under refrigeration for a few days to make it more tender.(2) To become stale. Au Jus (oh zhu) Served with natural cooking juices.
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The commonly used building blocks in asymmetric cryptography, that is, public key encryption and digital signature, are based on number theory. I ll give only a brief overview here, then in Part 2 where we discuss applications, I ll describe in more detail some of the mechanisms used. (If you find the description assumes too much mathematics, skip the following two sections and read the material from a cryptography textbook.) The technique of asymmetric cryptography is to make the security of the cipher depend on the difficulty of solving a certain mathematical problem. The two problems used in most fielded systems are factorization (used in most commercial systems) and discrete logarithm (used in many military systems).
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David Kavanagh, Department of Psychiatry, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland 4072, Australia Harald K.-H. Klingemann, University of Applied Sciences, School of Social Work, Berne, Switzerland G. Alan Marlatt, Addictive Behaviors Research Center, Department of Psychology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, USA Nyanda McBride, National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University of Technology, GPO Box U1987, Perth 6845, Western Australia Gillian McIlwain, School of Criminology and Criminial Justice, Grif th University, West Approach Drive, Nathan, Brisbane, Queensland 4111, Australia A. James McKnight, 78 Farragut Road, Annapolis, MD 21403, USA Richard Midford, National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University of Technology, GPO Box U1987, Perth 6845, Western Australia Kim T. Mueser, Dartmouth Medical School, Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center, Main Building, 105 Pleasant Street, Hanover, NH 03301, USA Esa sterberg, Social Research Unit for Alcohol, Studies STAKES, National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health, Siltasaarenkatu 18, PO BOX 220, FIN-00531 Helsinki, Finland George A. Parks, Department of Psychology, University of Washington, 2611 NE 125th Street, Suite 201, Seattle, WA 98195-4357, USA Duncan Raistrick, Leeds Addiction Unit, 19 Spring eld Mount, Leeds LS2 9NG, UK Stephen Rollnick, Department of General Practice, University of Wales College of Medicine, PO Box 68, Cardiff CF1 3XA, UK Harvey Skinner, Department of Public Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, McMurrich Building, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A8, Canada Tim Stockwell, National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University of Technology, GPO BOX U1987, Perth, WA 6845, Australia Andrew J. Treno, Prevention Research Center, 2150 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 900, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA Robert B. Voas, Public Services Research Institute, Paci c Institute for Research and Evaluation, Calverton, MD, USA Malissa Yang, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University Medical School, 1200 Main Street W, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 3Z5, Canada
Professional Criteria Desire for proposed result Right project approach Well-conceived schedule Favorable terms and conditions Demonstrated industry expertise Quality of proposed people/team Team s project management skills Trust in seller s judgment Postcontract support Personal Factors Personal career aspirations Risk avoidance Peer approval Ease of working relationship Desire to keep control Fear of a poor decision Boost industry visibility Professional development Build network
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