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The customer program naturally wants to include some customization so as to make the nal version look more like their own product. This can be done in many ways, some fast to implement and others dif cult, some without risk and others very risky. Below are introduced three of many possible examples of customization: Adding one s own or third party applications/features on top of the platform represents relatively simply customization. It is the safest way to customize as long as the changes in the platform are very limited and well controlled. Another option, with a greater degree of freedom, is also to customize the UI on the platform side. This means that the platform needs some modi cation. If the program manages to make such modi cations wisely, the risk is manageable. The most demanding customization activities are those in which some existing features/technologies are to be removed from the platform. This should be done very carefully and in a controlled way in order to not to affect any remaining functionalities. An example: The Licensee program decides to remove Bluetooth (BT) from its product. This can be done in two ways, either by removing the BT enabler implementation or by muting the BT. Although the Bluetooth implementation in the platform shares many resources with other connectivity options such as infrared and USB,
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Text Navigation and Editing Shortcuts
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We then determined the overall risk of the index as the standard deviation of the rate of return over the prior ninety trading days:145
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Think of a time when a professional, say a doctor, a consultant, or an accountant, impressed you. What did that person do to create a positive connection Probably, you sensed a high degree of professional competence, sincere concern for your circumstances, and an easy rapport. As time passed, you came to trust the person and felt comfortable sharing information. To achieve that level of trust, that professional had to know how to conduct a client interview. Some people seem to have a knack for getting people to open up. But the reality is that it takes skill and a lot of practice to make interviewing look like second nature. To nd your own interviewing style and to master this essential skill, follow these six steps. Tune in to the Pros The best interviewers hone their skills by watching experts in action. You can pick up more from a few hours of careful observation than you can from days of doing interviews by yourself. One place to start is to
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Part IV: Professional Database Development
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order to give the reader a basic understanding of the principles involved in their design
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Using the Knife
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Part VII Using and Creating Digital Media
Although sausages are sometimes ingredients or components of more elaborate dishes, they are also popular as stand-alone menu items like other meats. Preparation of sausages before cooking is minimal. In most cases, sausages may be considered ready to cook or,in the case of fully cooked sausages,ready to heat.Fresh raw sausages containing pork must be fully cooked before serving, like other fresh pork products. If a fresh sausage contains no pork,such as the lamb sausage on page 841,it may be served somewhat less done. Removing it from the heat when still pink inside helps retain juices. Fully cooked sausages need only be heated through before serving.Cooking times, however, are nearly the same as for raw sausages. In other words, the time it takes for the heat to penetrate to the center is about the same. The following cooking methods are most often used for sausages.
If an activity node is unreachable from the initial node. If the postcondition of one activity contradicts the precondition of an immediately following activity. If the branch conditions of a decision node are consistent and complete.
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OUT_data Module B
E-mail messages can be plain text or rich text (also called HTML [Hypertext Markup Language]). Plain-text messages contain only plain text. Rich-text messages can include fonts, pictures, and hyperlinks, as in the example shown in Figure 33-4.
Part V
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