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The only disadvantages to wireless networking, as compared to wired networks, are speed and reliability. As I write this chapter, the fastest standards-based wireless networks run at about 54 Mbps. That s still pretty darn fast. It s just not as fast as the 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps speeds of traditional Ethernet cables. The reliability problem isn t a problem with the technology, per se. Rather, it has to do with the rare little blind spot here and there where the computer just won t connect to the network. Wireless networks are built around three different standards. The 802.11g standard is the newest and most popular. Table 52.2 summarizes the main differences between the three standards. The Public Access column refers to Internet Wi-Fi hotspots such as those found at some airports, hotels, and other places. 802.11g is the preferred standard for Wi-Fi hotspots. TABLE 52.2
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The current membership includes over 140 network operators worldwide, 30 leading terminal manufacturers and 48 test equipment manufacturers, test laboratories and other observers.19 Cellular Telecom Industry Association (CTIA) CTIA is an optional certi cation in the US market. Involvement in the discussion forum and in testing activities is required in the CTIA. When a phone passes certi cation, the manufacturer has the right to exhibit the CTIA Certi cation Seal on the phone and its packaging and to use the CTIA Seal in its advertising. Certi cation applies for the following technology platforms in North America: CDMA GSM TDMA analogue CTIA-certi ed products must pass a rigorous three-part technical evaluation. All test plans can be downloaded from the CTIA web pages: Part 1 tests the product s conformance to the wireless industry s technology platform standards. These tests, which are conducted by a CTIA Authorized Testing Laboratory, are de ned in the test plans available from CTIA. Part 2, which is also conducted by a CTIA Authorized Testing Laboratory, tests a product s over-the-air performance and is de ned in a test plan. Part 3 of this evaluation is the FCC Type Acceptance Testing. An FCC authorized testing laboratory conducts this testing. CTIA Certi ed products are required to include information for consumers about important health and safety information related to the use of wireless products.20 This information includes: driver safety information consumer safety information
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The files in your Internet cache, also called your Temporary Internet Files folder are a good example of temporary files. Every time you visit a Web page, all the text and pictures that make up that page are stored in your Internet cache. When you use the Back or Forward button to revisit a page you ve viewed recently, your browser just pulls a copy of the page out of the Internet cache. That saves a lot of time when compared to how long it would take to redownload a page each time you clicked the Back or Forward button to revisit a recently viewed page.
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Does not involve a movement of cash and is an accounting concept to allow for the cost of using plant, equipment, machinery, motor vehicles and buildings over their useful lives. Note that it is not for replacing an asset, because you might decide never to replace it at all, e.g. some of ces no longer have a fax machine. Depreciation is calculated using one of two methods: Straight-line method. If the asset is used up roughly in equal amounts each year, the cost of the asset should be apportioned in equal annual amounts over its useful life. For example, if a computer cost 900 excluding VAT and you determine that it has a useful life of three years in your business before replacement (when it will be worth practically nothing), the annual depreciation is 300. Declining balance method. A xed percentage, e.g. 20 per cent, is applied to the balance at the end of each year (see Box 8.4). The percentage is related to the useful life concept and is often more realistic because it recognizes that assets such as a motor car decline in value more rapidly in the early years and normally have some residual value, particularly when serviced regularly. (Depreciation should not be confused with capital allowances, which are what the government is prepared to allow you to write off in lieu of depreciation on most capital equipment.)
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Some searches you perform will search the entire index. Others will search only for programs, or files, or e-mail messages, or contacts. Still others will ignore the index and search through every single folder on one or more drives. It all depends on where you start the search and how you perform the search. Let s start with common everyday searches that are fast and easy to do.
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1. Wash and dry mushrooms. Trim the bottoms of the stems. Leave the mushrooms whole. (If only large ones are available, cut them into quarters.) 2. Place the water, olive oil, lemon juice, celery, and salt in a stainless-steel saucepan. Tie the sachet ingredients in cheesecloth and add to the pan. 3. Bring to a boil. Simmer 15 minutes to extract avors from the spices. 4. Add the mushrooms. Simmer 5 minutes. 5. Remove from heat. Cool the mushrooms in the liquid. 6. Remove the celery and the sachet. Marinate the mushrooms overnight in the refrigerator. (The mushrooms will keep several days in the marinade.)
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Part IV
Creating an e-mail consists of a number of steps, which Access presents in a wizard when you click the Create E-mail button in the Collect Data group of the External Data ribbon (shown in Figure 22.12).
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