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Martin M. Winkler
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multimedia messaging support (MMS) email games and other pieces of application software a colour display a digital camera support for additional memory through the use of a memory card etc. A feature phone has a relatively simple, but effective, proprietary software environment based on a real-time operating system (RTOS). Smartphones, on the other hand, use a more advanced, open high-level operating system with support for multitasking, expandability, multimedia or convergence features, application interaction and so on. Feature phone functionality may have support for additional extensibility through installable software applications, usually based on the Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) technology and the Java programming language from Sun Microsystems. Smartphones, while supporting J2ME, also support software development through direct, native access to the underlying operating system and its functions (through, for example, software written using the C+ + programming language). Perhaps the most notable difference, however, between a smartphone and a feature phone is the way the applications use the phone resources. In feature phones only one application can be run at any given time, whereas in a smartphone the execution of multiple
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The procedures for saut ing and pan-frying potatoes are basically the same as for other vegetables (p. 556). There are many saut ed and pan-fried potato preparations. Some are made with raw potatoes, others with precooked or blanched potatoes. Many of these recipes are especially useful because they are excellent ways to utilize leftover boiled potatoes. This group of recipes may be divided into two categories based on production technique. 1. Potatoes mixed or tossed while cooking. The procedure for saut ing vegetables, page 556, is used for these preparations. The potatoes are cut into pieces or into small shapes and cooked in a small amount of fat.They are turned or tossed in the pan so that they brown on all sides.This category includes rissol , parisienne, noisette, ch teau, and American fried or homefried potatoes. Potatoes cooked and served in compact cakes. The procedure for pan-frying vegetables (see p. 556) is the basic method used for these preparations.The potatoes are not mixed while cooking but are made into cakes, which are browned on both sides.This category includes hashed browns and variations, as well as potato pancakes and macaire potatoes (see p. 593).
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CPA EXAM TIP: Understand the AICPA Professional Code of Conduct. View the Code and take an AICPA ethics quiz at
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The last feature of basic MAXScript that we look at is the function. Functions are small chunks of MAXScript that act like program building blocks. For example, suppose that you need to compute the average of a collection of numbers many times during a script you re writing. The MAXScript to do this might be: read datamatrix
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This chapter has been about connecting, installing, and removing hardware. Some of this material is intended for more advanced users who are familiar with computer hardware. If some of the content was over your head and you need to install or remove some hardware, consider having the job done professionally. The main points of this chapter are summarized here: n Most modern devices are hot-pluggable, which means you just connect them to the computer as needed. n Always read and follow the instructions that came with a device before connecting it to your computer. Winging it will likely result in frustration. n Hot-pluggable devices that act as storage devices have icons in your Computer folder while connected. You can transfer files to and from such a device using basic techniques described in 29. n More advanced hardware devices generally require shutting down the computer, connecting the device, turning the device on, and then starting the computer again. n Hard drive installations are best left to professionals. Use the Disk Management tool to partition and format a new drive. n To remove a hot-pluggable storage device, click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Notification area and stop the device before physically removing it. n To remove other devices, first uninstall it in Device Manager. Then shut down the computer and physically remove the device from the system.
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Using Filter by Form lets you set multiple conditions for filtering at one time. Notice the Or tab at the bottom of the window.
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