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TABLE 1.3 OCL General Collection Operations Operator s size() s includes(x) s excludes(x) s count(x) s isEmpty() s notEmpty() s sum() s forAll(P) s exists(P) s select(P) s collect( f ) Meaning Number of elements in s, including duplicates True if x s, false otherwise not(s includes(x)) Number of times x occurs in s True if s has no elements, false otherwise True if s has elements, false otherwise + combination of all elements of s (numerics) True if all elements of s satisfy P True if some element of s satis es P Collection of elements of s for which P is true Collection formed by applying f to each element of s
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during surgery in the skin over the iliac crest and sacrum. They found a 500% increase in ow in those patients who did not develop pressure sores but a drop in ow in those who later developed pressure sores. Spittle et al. (2001) measured the incidence of pressure ulcers in patients who had undergone lower limb amputations for either ischaemia or neuroischaemia and found an incidence rate of 55% in those who had had major amputations and 20% in minor amputees. They suggest that the presence of peripheral vascular disease may have been a risk factor for these patients.
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the rst use, if the compiler suddenly issues an unclear message and stops compilation. This requirement looks evident, but the practice shows that such nontrustworthy issues are sometimes demonstrated even by industrial compilers. 3 A compiler that uses trustworthy data (sources, tables, intermediate code, libraries, etc.) and protects them from occasional or intended corruption. In other words, the privacy of all compiler input and intermediate data at any moment should be guaranteed; otherwise, the results of compilation can be falsi ed at some stage. 4 A compiler whose design and implementation (source code) is trustworthy, that is, satis es the principles of TWC (see Section 2.1 for more details). The most radical and formal and probably the most dif cult approach to making the code of the compiler trustworthy is to enable that the compiler is veri ed, following Leroy [6], that is, the compiler code meets its formal speci cations. We ll consider Leroy s approach to veri ed compilers and other related approaches below in Sections 2.2 and 2.3. A simpler, more practical approach to make the compiler code trustworthy is to use assertions or design-by-contract when designing and developing the compiler code. 5 A compiler that trustworthily performs error diagnostics and recovery during all analytical phases of compilation lexical analysis, parsing, and semantic analysis. As a counter-example, in our compiler practice, when testing some early version of a C compiler in mid-1990s, that compiler, in case of syntax errors like a missing bracket, issued a mysterious message of the kind: Syntax error before or at symbol: { ; then, after 20 30 lines of code, complained to be unable to compile any more and aborted the compilation. Compiler developers should keep in mind that such nontrustworthy compiler behavior jeopardizes the trust of users to compilers at all. The main principle in this respect, as shown in s 3 5, is as follows: Even if the source code to be compiled contains any kind and any number of lexical, syntax, or semantic errors, the compiler should issue reasonably clear and brief error diagnostics messages and continue the compilation until the end of the source code, for the purpose of catching as many errors as possible. 6 A compiler that works as a verifying compiler, following Hoare s terms [7], that is, the compiler veri es the trustworthiness (including semantic correctness) of the source code it compiles, and does not allow nontrustworthy and nonveri ed source code to pass through. In an ideal case, the compiler should give to the user recommendations how to change the source code to make it trustworthy, rather than just complain of some error. Please see Section 2.2 for more details. Actually, we don t know any compiler yet (at least in the industry) that would fully satisfy the above de nition of compiler trustworthiness. Though, generate qr code
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Figure 6.11 Transmission of a sine wave through a digital controller
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EditRecord: As its name implies, EditRecord provides a way to change the content of an existing record in the current, or another, table. EditRecord is ideal for situations
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Crab Beignets with Lime and Ginger Chutney
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In chapter 3, We Live in Two Different Worlds, I acknowledge that many people still believe in what I call a dualistic universe. These folks say that matter and spirit are separate. They accept forms of mental existence that do not require matter and therefore can transcend death. As a scientist I cannot prove that such an otherworldy reality does not exist. But I challenge the dualists to produce evidence that can be verified through scientific, repeatable experiments. I look to the capacities of brains, such as hallucinations and other powers of the cognitive unconscious coming from our brain s design as an anti-death organ to explain experiences of spirits. How we can employ our consciousness now in the service of facing awareness of mortality This is the subject for chapter 4, The Grateful Self. The question is whether consciousness has a general function in transforming our awareness of death into the impetus for a less fearful, more dynamic personal life. Brain science indicates that consciousness is a connector among many parts of unconscious cognition. If so, then how we think about mortality can help us develop cognitive stances and moral strengths useful in the ongoing predicament of facing our demise. In Part 2 Culture we move outward from the brain. Culture is the river within which we are ripples, a level of life broader than our individual selves. With its rituals and uses and ideas of death it helps shape us into who we are. How is death, thus life true on this larger scale of culture 5, Nobody Just Dies, explores how social life is created around death. We explore here the universal functions of death rites in creating order from potential chaos and helping the loving feelings continue. Culture thus wraps itself around the death of individuals. We next consider
Figure 63-13: Map a Drive Letter dialog box The remote resource will open. You can close that folder, and also close My Network Places. Since you ve mapped a drive letter to the remote resource, it will appear in your My Computer folder under the Network Drives heading. Figure 63-14 shows an example where I ve mapped two resources, where Y: refers to the ClipArt folder on the computer named Sport, and Z: refers to the folder named Copied Fonts on the computer named Max. From that point on, you can access the folder either by going through My Network Places, as usual. Or, you can just open My Computer and open the resource s icon under Network Drives.
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