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The throughputs at each node by class type can be computed with Eq. (8.28):
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cial that this cell organelle could turn out to be the holy grail of cell suicide, what French scientist Guido Kramer157 calls the central executioner. In addition to cytochrome-c, a substance called Diablo (or, alternatively, Smac) is also released by mitochondria at the start of many cell suicides. Cytochrome-c and Diablo are both promoters of cell suicide, triggering a cascade of other molecular events that eventually dismantle the interior of the cell and cause death. Because the suicides take place so quickly, it has not yet been possible to determine whether or not these chemical releases by mitochondria are the absolute first steps. And in the suicides during the development of the nematode worm, mitochondria are not involved. Neither do mitochondria play roles in insect cell suicides, as studied so far. But the ancestors of these creatures could have dropped a still more ancient role that mitochondria had in the early evolution of cell suicide, as these ancestors evolved other suicide mechanisms. Evidence continues to mount, however, for the central role of the mitochondrion in the generic process of cell suicide.158 The findings that support the case of the mitochondrion s importance in cell suicide are abundant enough to lead a number of researchers to begin rethinking the original symbiosis two billion years ago.159 Perhaps it was not a lovey-dovey bonding of mutual admiration and exchange of necessary chemical gifts. Instead, the proto-mitochondria, as free-living bacteria way back in time, could have forced their way into the large host cells as parasites. Yes, they needed food from the host cells, and yes, perhaps they in turn detoxified the oxygen in the environment for the host cells and eventually provided energy from this detox procedure. But who says the host cells were welcoming What if the host cells wanted out of the deal What if the hosts attacked the proto-mitochondria with anti-bacterial toxins, for example
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server training has generally been tied to a reduction in licensee liability for damages resulting from illegal service by trained servers. To the extent that it relieves management of liability for harm resulting from illegal and harmful service, it cannot be viewed as a step toward the responsible sale of alcohol.
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Typically, a UML speci cation will consist of a set of interrelated UML models (Figure 1.16):
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Handling Vegetables
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A Business Case for Making Feedback Effective modating leaders fail to address issues important to the performance of the organization and loses all credibility with their associates. If we are sound only, we will nd ourselves in constant confrontation. This kind of leader may experience short-term results as associates comply with his demands, but compliance never produces world-class results. At the end of the day the leader fails to deliver as everyone tires of his tone.
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Basque-Style Pepper Salad (p. 692)
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184 The Optimism Advantage Be a pride builder for you and your team. Jon R. Katzenbach author of Why Pride Matters More Than Money knows what it takes to build pride in your team: Always have your compass set on pride. . . . Where motivation is concerned, the journey is more important than the destination. It is more important for people to be proud of what they are doing every day than it is for them to be proud of reaching a major goal. That s why it s crucial to celebrate the steps as much as the landings. The best pride builders are masters at spotting and recognizing the small achievements that will instill pride in their people. Although money is often short in dif cult times, nothing should stop you from developing pride and con dence in yourself and your teammates. Major victories may be few and far between, but daily heroic efforts are seldom noticed and need to be. As you read in the chapter on catching yourself being effective, don t forget to end your day by recording one successful step you ve taken to further your targeted goals. When you record and see your own progress, you are more likely to create momentum for change. Don t forget to use your time with others to acknowledge what s working. Take time to let everyone feel the pride of progress!
At the bottom of the Paint Deformation rollout is a button labeled Brush Options. Clicking this button opens the Painter Options dialog box, shown in Figure 15-33. Using this dialog box, you can set several customized brush options including the sensitivity of the brush.
Wrap Up
Fig. 2.2
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