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This approach assumes that credits are illiquid assets. Therefore, it measures only the risk contribution (i.e., the internal betas ) to the losses of the existing credit portfolio and not the correlation with
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Acrobat Reader from Adobe Free version for Windows and Macintosh. Acrobat Reader allows you to view PDF files and eBook files from your computer. For more information visit Framestuffer from Hal Pawluk Freeware version for Windows. Framed pages opened naked outside their frameset find the frameset and position themselves in the correct frame. HTML Rename! from Expandable Language Shareware version for Windows and Macintosh. This cross-platform utility augments your HTML editor by generating universally compatible filenames and fixing URL links. Using HTML Rename before you transfer files saves you from the need to repair mangled filenames, broken links, and extra or missing carriage returns in text files. PayPal Cart from Paul Davis This free extension adds the needed script for PayPal Shopping Cart and retains your default information for quicker reentry. Random Images from Paul Davis Display random images, daily images, or slideshows with this handy extension.
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As mentioned above in this chapter, the Network Setup Wizard gives you the opportunity to create a Network Setup Disk for adding non-XP computers to your LAN. How you add such a computer to your LAN depends on whether or not that computer has a floppy disk drive.
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All scripts are not created equal, and Max categorizes different scripts based on how they work. For more information, the MAXScript online help provides exhaustive information on their various options. The main thing to consider when deciding what type of script to create is the user interface. Ask yourself what the most logical user interface would be for the type of tool you re creating, and this gives you a hint as to which type of script is well suited for the task.
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