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Changing the file system on a drive poses some risk of data loss, and should only be attempted by people who understand the risks and are prepared to recover from any loss of data.
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Another way to enable the mesh editing features is to apply the Edit Poly modifier to an object. You apply this modifier by selecting the object and choosing Modifiers Mesh Editing Edit Poly, or selecting Edit Poly from the Modifier drop-down list in the Modify panel. The Edit Poly modifier is different from the Editable Poly object in that, as an applied modifier, it maintains the parametric nature of the original object. For example, you cannot change the Radius value of a sphere object that has been converted to an Editable Poly, but you could if the Edit Poly modifier were applied.
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Note A clean boot is not the same as a clean install. During a clean boot, you may temporarily lose some normal functionality. But once you perform a normal startup you should regain access to all your programs and documents, and full functionality.
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118Smithson (1998), pp. 6 13, labels this view the Real Cash Flow rationale for risk management. 119See Smith (1995), p. 20. 120As first identified and discussed by Smith and Stulz (1985). 121M&M Proposition I postulates that, in a world without taxes and transaction costs, and given a fixed investment program, financial decisions cannot affect the value of a firm. 122See Smithson et al. (1990), pp. 357 and 363, Smithson (1998), p. 7. 123See Smith and Stulz (1985), p. 392, and Smith (1993), p. 17. 124These three points of turning the M&M Proposition I upside down are labeled by Tufano (1996), p. 1106, as the Shareholder Value Maximization Hypothesis of risk management. 125This is labeled the Managerial Utility Maximization Hypothesis by Tufano (1996), p. 1109. Fenn et al. (1997), pp. 13+, also identify this fourth rationale in addition to the three stemming from the relaxation of the M&M assumptions. Likewise, see Froot et al. (1993), pp. 1631+. Smithson (1998), pp. 13 14, calls this view the Agency Relations with the Firm s Managers rationale for risk management. 126Damodaran (1997), pp. 785+, also distinguishes between risk-management rationales that apply to companies with well-diversified investors and undiversified investors. 127Both benefits and costs are difficult to quantify in this context.
Although Is Not Null is the correct syntax, you can also use Not Null in the QBE grid and Access supplies the Is operator for you.
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