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In addition to renaming your Windows XP partition, you can also record the used and free space. You can use these numbers to also help identify your installation of Windows XP later in the appendix. To get the used and free space of the partition, click Start My Computer. Right-click the partition that you have identified as your Windows XP installation and choose Properties. You ll see the Used space and Free space numbers in the middle of the screen. Write both of them down for later use.
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In comparison to the system model de ned by the UML semantics project [11], we use a more abstract and general semantic representation, avoiding low-level details of data storage and behavior mechanisms. In general, the strategy of restricting to a subset of UML is necessary, since some of its notations, such as activities, have unclear semantics. However, the subset should itself be a useful part of UML, so that the results of semantic analysis can be expressed in a comprehensible manner to software developers. Translating interactions to state machines, or attening state machines, should be avoided for this reason. Our semantics can represent directly the semantics of interactions [49] and un attened state machines [53]. As pointed out by Naumenko and Wegmann [59], the self-referential metamodeling approach can result in a semantics that fails to provide a consistent interpretation for the terms of UML. Instead, we have taken the rst approach and given a semantics of an essential core of UML in a formalism that is entirely independent of UML and based on well-established mathematical logic and set theory. In decomposing the semantics of UML models into theories linked by morphisms, we are also using a category-theoretic approach. An approach closely related to ours is the formalization of UML and OCL in PVS [35]. This deals with a restricted subset of class diagrams (association ends have maximum multiplicity 1). The expression of the semantics in PVS can be complex and dif cult to relate to the UML source models, but automated proof can be applied as with model checking. Our semantics represents the extension of a class C as a element C of the semantics but does not represent the intension of C [60] as an element within the semantics. Instead, this is represented as the theory IC . This means that the semantics of concepts such as leaf and root classes and operations cannot be expressed in our semantics. private and public modalities of features are also not represented. However, the correctness of models with regard to such constraints can be checked effectively by diagram editing and syntax-level analysis tools, so the inability to represent such concepts in our semantics does not impair the veri ability of UML models. 6.6 CONCLUSIONS
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The Line method requires four arguments. These arguments (X1, X2, Y1, and Y2) specify the top and bottom (or left and right, depending on your perspective) coordinates of the line. Notice that all calculated measurements on a report must be specified in twips (there are 1,440 twips per inch). In this case, X1 and X2 are the same value and I m forcing the line to start at the very top of the Detail section (0) and to extend downward for 10,000 twips. You might wonder why I m using 10,000 as the Y2 coordinate for the end of the line. Access will automatically clip the line to the height of the Detail section. Because the line control doesn t contain data, Access won t expand the Detail section to accommodate the line you ve drawn in code. Instead, Access draws as much of the 10,000-twip line as needed to fill the Detail section, and then it stops. The maximum value for Y2 is 32,767. The same procedure could be used to draw horizontal lines for each section on the report. In the report example (rptVerticalLines) in the database accompanying this chapter (20. accdb), I ve chosen to add line controls to the report instead. Using the Line control when the height of the report section is fixed (for example, in the group header and footer) is simply faster than drawing the line for each of these sections.
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If you skipped the earlier section, Using the Media Player Library, you ll need to go back and learn some basic library navigation skills before you can find songs to add to your playlist.
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clock reset M1S M2S M3S M4S M1T M2T M3T M4T timerGreen timerYellow timerRed TRAFFIC LIGHT STATE MACHINE CONTROLLER S1T_S3T S2T_S4T S2_S4 S1_S3
If you enable dragging and dropping, you can move things around on the All Programs menu using the right mouse button. But doing so can be awkward. As an alternative, you can work in a more typical folder window. Right-click the Start button and choose one of the following options, depending on what you want to accomplish: n n n n Open: Opens a folder containing icons from the current user s Start menu. Explore: Same as above but also opens the Navigation pane automatically. Open All Users: Opens a folder containing icons that appear in all users Start menus. Explore All Users: Same as above but the folder opens with the Navigation pane already open.
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