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Figure 49-1: Photoshop is an important compositing tool for static images. To composite images in Photoshop, you need to load all the separate images into Photoshop and then select the portions of the images that you want to combine. When saving image files in Max, be sure to include an alpha channel. You can see the alpha channel in the Rendered Frame Window if you click the Display Alpha Channel button, as shown in Figure 49-2.
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With the right hardware, you can connect a printer directly to a LAN without going through a computer. With that type of arrangement, you need only to make sure that the printer is turned on.
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Part XI
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Defrag defragments all the fragmented files and moves some frequently used files to the beginning of the disk, where they can be accessed in the least time with the least effort. Some files won t be moved. That s normal. If Windows decides to leave them where they are, it s for good reason. You may hear a lot of disk chatter as defrag is doing its thing. That s because the drive head is moving things around to get everything into a better position. Not all files can be defragmented, so don t expect everything to be perfect when you ve finished. But things will be better than they were. When defrag is finished, you can just close any open dialog boxes and the Disk Defragmenter program window.
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Keith P. Ambachtsheer and D. Don Ezra, Pension Fund Excellence, (New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1998), p. 54.
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The Rotate Gizmo surrounds the selected object in a sphere. A colored line for each axis circles the surrounding sphere. As you select an axis and drag, an arc is highlighted that shows the distance of the rotation along that axis and the offset value is displayed in text above the object. Clicking on the sphere away from the axes lets you rotate the selected object in all directions.
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Review = $10F/$20V = $30/Hr 10 Reviews Posted
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Options in the Affect Surface section of the Advanced Effects rollout control how light interacts with an object s surface. The Contrast value alters the contrast between the diffuse and the ambient surface areas. The Soften Diffuse Edge value blurs the edges between the diffuse and ambient areas of a surface. The Diffuse and Specular options let you disable these properties of an object s surface. When the Ambient Only option is turned on, the light affects only the ambient properties of the surface.
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Printing, Faxing, and Scanning
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Sales Planning
Danish A rich,sweet, aky yeast dough containing layers of rolled-in fat. Deci- Pre x in the metric system meaning one-tenth. Deep-fry To cook submerged in hot fat. Deglaze To swirl a liquid in a saut pan or other pan to dissolve cooked particles or food remaining on the bottom. Demi-glace A rich brown sauce that has been reduced by half. Demitasse Literally, half-cup. Strong,black coffee served in small cups after dinner. Denature To change the structure of protein molecules by heat or by chemical means. Doria Garnished with cucumbers cooked in butter. Drawn With entrails removed. Dressed (1) Poultry market form: killed, bled, and plucked. (2) Fish market form: viscera, scales, head, tail, and ns removed. Drop Batter A batter that is too thick to pour but that drops from a spoon in lumps. Dry Cure A curing method in which the curing ingredients are packed or rubbed over the food. Dry-heat Cooking Method A method in which heat is conducted to foods without the use of moisture. Dubarry Garnished with or containing cauli ower. Duchesse Potatoes (doo shess) Potato pur e mixed with butter and egg yolks. Dumpling Any of a variety of small starch products made from soft dough or batter and cooked by simmering or steaming. Duxelles A coarse paste or hash made of nely chopped mushrooms saut ed with shallots.
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Read-Only, Hidden, and Advanced attributes
Batten Down the Security Hatches
9. Divide the shrimp and vegetables equally among the 16 portions. Fry the vegetables rst, then the shrimp, by dredging with our, shaking off the excess, then dipping in the batter and dropping into clean frying fat at 350 F (175 C). Fry just until lightly golden. 10. Drain and serve at once. Tempura is traditionally served on a bamboo tray covered with a clean piece of absorbent paper. Accompany with about 2 oz (60 mL) dipping sauce in a shallow bowl. Put a small mound each of grated daikon and grated ginger on each serving tray. The diner mixes these to taste into the dipping sauce.
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Like printing and scanning, faxing is more a matter of knowing your specific faxing hardware than it is about knowing your computer or Windows. Your best bet is to learn to use your fax hardware as described in the manual that came with the hardware device before you try to fax directly from Windows or a program. Again, the best I can do here is provide some general troubleshooting tips.
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The wizard is initially populated with fields from tblCustomers, but you can choose another table or query with the Tables/Queries drop-down list above the field selection area. Use the buttons in the middle of the form to add and remove fields to the Available Fields and Selected Fields list boxes.
Backing Up Your Favorites
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