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The familiar green ring you often see in hard-cooked eggs is caused by cooking at high temperatures or cooking too long.The same green color appears in scrambled eggs that are overcooked or held too long in the steam table. This ring results when the sulfur in the egg whites reacts with the iron in the yolk to form iron sul de, a compound that has a green color and a strong odor and avor. The best way to avoid green eggs is to use low temperatures and short cooking and holding times.
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Meal Breakfast Midmorning snack Lunch Restaurant Carl's Jr. Supermarket Panera Bread Food Croissant Sunrise Sandwich, No Meat Handful of Trail Mix (about 1-2 oz.)
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Rationales for Risk Management in Banks
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No matter what you believe about the value of your services, it s the client who ultimately decides the sources of value. Some sellers are so sure of their own perceptions that they miss what s really important to the client. That s what happened to Chris. His company helps clients tighten up security for their information systems. His message, that clients can achieve highly secured information systems at a reasonable cost, helped
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The Report Footer section
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About Virtual Business Cards (vCards)
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Table 2.13
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Business 101 tells us there are two mistakes we should not make: spending money on customers we should not spend money on and not spending money on customers we should spend money on. To a statistician, these errors are called false positives and false negatives. Respected academic researchers have determined that roughly a quarter of all customers are misclassi ed, falsely positive or negative. A company that makes misguided marketing decisions one out of every four times could gain considerably by reconsidering its targets in a more sophisticated way.11 The researchers surfaced two fascinating insights. The rst they called the 20 55 rule: Of the actual top 20 percent of future customers, roughly 55 percent will be misclassi ed as poor or average customers and thus will not receive special treatment. This false negative rate was strikingly consistent across different models and data sets, ranging from 51 to 55 percent. They dubbed the other rule the 80 15 rule: Of the actual bottom 80 percent of future customers, roughly 15 percent will be misclassi ed and will receive special treatment. Organizations need to be able to identify new sales prospects quickly, easily and at low cost. Sales bosses need to ensure that the sales force is selling the best products (i.e., highest margin) to the best customers (i.e., most likely to buy). Every commercial organization on the planet today needs a base business analytics capability that assists in identifying new sales opportunities at existing customer accounts as well as non-customer ( whitespace ) companies. The days of seat-ofthe-pants, wing-and-a-prayer sales force management are over. Business analytics enables you actually almost forces you to reinvent your organization s sales process. Sales force productivity is a big issue in good economic times and bad. Analytics-based solutions can make signi cant contributions. These analytic solutions emerge from rigorously de ned data models that often integrate all relevant data into a common database. Choices of the data to be included in data models are driven both by end-user requirements as well as the need for relevant inputs to analytical models. New Know analytics blends the best of human AND machine decision making. All businesses need to predict the probability of purchase behavior and estimate the realistic revenue opportunity. Analytic insights need to be delivered expeditiously to frontline decision makers sales representatives and sales executives.
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FIGURE 22.13
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