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The Regions panel, the final panel in the Viewport Configuration dialog box, enables you to define regions and focus your rendering energies on a smaller area. Complex scenes can take considerable time and machine power to render. Sometimes, you want to test render only a portion of a viewport to check material assignment, texture map placement, or lighting. You can define the size of the various Regions in the Regions panel of the Viewport Configuration dialog box, shown in Figure 2-20.
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If you want to create a demo of your application and if you don t want the users to be able to see your code or form and report designs you should create an .accde file. Because the designs of your forms, reports, and all code modules are simply not present (they re stored in a compiled version only), you don t have to worry about someone stealing or even modifying your designs and code. An .accde file is also good for distributing your work in environments where you don t want the user to change your designs.
The Up button in the toolbar takes you to the current folder s parent, which is to say, if the folder you re currently viewing is contained within some other folder, clicking the Up button takes you straight to that folder s parent folder. The Search and Folders buttons replace the standard Explorer bar with different bars, as we ll discuss later in this chapter. The last button, named Views, lets you specify how you want to view the contents of the current folder. We ll discuss that button a little later as well. The Explorer bar provides easy one-click access to things you may want to do in the current folder. The options that appear in the Explorer bar at any given time depend on many factors, including which folder you happen to be in, whether or not you ve selected icons in the current folder, and so forth. Notice the Show/Hide buttons in the headings in the Explorer bar. You can click that button to show, or hide, the options beneath the heading.
This most general definition of a Markov process can be adopted to special cases. In particular, we focus here on discrete state spaces and on both discrete- and continuous-parameter Markov processes. As a result, we deal primarily with continuous-time Markov chains (CTMC), and with discretewhich are introduced in the next section. time Markov chains (DTMC), Finally, it is often sufficient to consider only systems with a time independent, i.e., time-homogeneous, pattern of dynamic behavior. Note that timehomogeneous system dynamics is to be discriminated from stationary system behavior, which relates to time independence in a different sense. The former refers to the stationarity of the conditional CDF while the latter refers to the stationarity of the CDP itself, Definition 2.4 Letting to = 0 without loss of generality, a Markov process is said to be time-homogeneous if the conditional CDF of Xt,+l does not depend on the observation time, that is, it is invariant with respect to time epoch t,:
Dialog Box Keyboard Shortcuts
100 / 6 = 16.667 100.9 / 6.6 = 15.288 102 / 7 = 14.571
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