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An Access 2010 application running in SharePoint under Access Services
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If you use Outlook Express 6 as your e-mail client, backing up your messages is a little weird, but not difficult. You may want to empty your Deleted Items folder first, as there s no need to backup all the messages you ve deleted. Then, in your Outlook Express program window, follow these steps: 1. Choose Tools Options from Outlook Express s menu bar. 2. In the Options dialog box that opens, click on the Maintenance tab. 3. Click the Store Folder button. 4. In the Store Location dialog box that opens, drag the mouse pointer through the entire path that appears to select it, then press Ctrl+C to copy the entire path name. 5. Click Cancel in the Store Location dialog box, and then click Cancel in the Options dialog box. You may then close the Outlook Express program. 6. Click the Start button and choose Run.
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Using Microsoft Magnifier
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rules or more complex heuristics. [RFC2391] identifies two basic strategies, weighted least load first and weighted least traffic first. As with the local algorithms, these estimate load, respectively, on session count and traffic volume. There is no utterly ideal load distribution algorithm. Applications and networks will differ in their characteristics. Using the queueing theory rule of thumb that queueing latency begins to increase rapidly when utilization exceeds 50 percent, the network part of a distributed load distribution algorithm should be biased against links that are utilized above that level. You need to consider the relative impact of network and server performance for a particular application. Consider an interactive application for which the ideal server processing time will be 800 milliseconds, and the ideal network delay will be 200 milliseconds. Server load is four times as important, in this scenario, than network delay. In the algorithm of Table 5.2, this would mean a NetworkCostWeight of 0.2 and a ServerCostWeight of 0.8.
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then the interval A(8) = (6 - cl,6 + ~2) is a 100 x y percent confidence interval for the parameter 8. Here y is called the confidence coefficient (the probability that the confidence interval contains S). Consider obtaining confidence intervals when using the sample mean x as the estimator for the population mean. If the population distribution is normal with unknown mean ,Q and a known variance g2, then we can show that the sample mean is normally distributed with mean ,Qand variance 02/n, so that the random variable 2 = (57 - ,LL) (a/+) / has a standard normal distribution N(0, 1). To determine a 100 x y percent confidence interval for
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This chapter largely ignores the errors caused by poor design those that misrepresent data because of ill-designed queries, update and insert anomalies caused by inappropriate use of referential integrity rules, and so on. For the most part, the causes of design errors are rooted in failure to conform to database development best practices, misunderstanding Access query design, and other causes. You have to pay careful attention to database design principles in order to produce truly robust Access applications.
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Figure 2.13 Gain vs frequency for the valve and actuator
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sensemaking. It certainly is not headline news that information has become the single most important asset in most organizations. Many organizations are not where they want to be or have to be regarding the skills, mindset, technology base, business processes, or reward system/culture needed to best protect, manage, and share this critical asset. One of the major changes de ning the new competitive environment is the requirement to know more about knowing. You are going to have to expand your ability to think critically about your own thinking. Experts sometimes refer to this as metacognition: knowing about knowing. The latest research on executive decision making posits that the best predictor of good judgment isn t intuition or experience or intelligence. Rather, it s the willingness to engage in introspection speci cally thinking about thinking.21 We are on the cusp of a revolution in enterprise-scale thinking, decision making, and problem solving. A ThinkQuake looms on the horizon. Society is about to undergo a tectonic shift in how it thinks about thinking. Driving this cognitive plate shifting are the RSS feeds, podcasts, blogs, old-media headlines, and evening news programs, which are increasingly lled with images and instances of current-generation leaders being asked by dissatis ed next-generation voters, customers, and shareholders the rhetorical question: What were you thinking Looking beneath the surface, those next-generation customers, sources of capital, and policy makers are really asking: How were you thinking Via what processes, using what data, and assisted by what tools did you arrive at your course of action ThinkQuake Task 1: Cognitive Cartography. For a powerful exercise, try to draw a series of maps that depict how your organization thinks. Be aware not only of what your organization thinks; also be granularly aware of how your organization thinks. How are decisions actually being made Where are they made Who s making them And what s prompting the decisions Also, and more subtly, be aware of how your organization thinks about how it thinks. Do employees think they re being led Or do they think they re scrambling through their days without much thought Do they think they re thinking, or do they think the organization s
Introducing Windows Mail
This way, we restore information on the outer de nitions (if there is no outer de nition, id_nl becomes nil). This scheme enables ef cient lookup for many languages like Pascal. It was successfully applied to the Sun Pascal compiler whose previous lookup algorithms were based on multilayered linear search [5,28]. Please note that for object-oriented languages, this scheme needs to be updated. First, an overload is possible for method identi ers. So, for methods, the id_nl eld should contain a reference not just to one de nition but to a list of method overloading de nitions, if any. Nevertheless, it is still much more ef cient than scan the whole list of all de nitions because in practice, the size of the overloading list is very small. Second, if the same identi er can be de ned within the same scope several times but in different name universes (for example, as a eld and a method name in the same class, which is allowed in C#), the list of all such de nitions should be accessible via id_nl. Error diagnostics and error recovery in lookup is especially important for compiler trustworthiness. A lot of compilers issue many garbage error messages related to unde ned identi ers. Due to our technique, we can easily handle the errors of repeated de nition and of lacking de nition for an identi er, and recover from such errors. First, let a repeated de nition of the same identi er in the same scope is detected, for example (in Pascal): var x: integer; var x: real; To check such kind of errors, any NL entry keeps the level of nesting for the appropriate scope in the nl_lvl eld. The compiler issues an error message and either ignores the second de nition or resets the id_nl reference to the new de nition. Second, if an identi er is used but not de ned, the compiler detects that at once, due to id_nl eld, issues an error message, and creates a dummy NL entry
mcrDivisionErrorHandling. Cleanup MyNum MyDenom
The Grid and Snap Settings dialog box holds a panel of Options, shown in Figure 8-18, in which you can set whether markers display, the size of the markers, and their color. If you click the color swatch, a Color Selector dialog box opens and enables you to select a new color. The Snap Preview Radius defines the radial distance from the snap point required before the object that is being moved is displayed at the target snap point as a preview. This value can be larger than the actual Snap Radius and is meant to provide visual feedback on the snap operation. The Snap Radius setting determines how close the cursor must be to a snap point before it snaps to it. The Angle and Percent values are the strengths for any rotate and scale transformations, respectively. The Snap to Frozen Objects lets you control whether frozen items can be snapped to. You can also cause translations to be affected by the designated axis constraints with the Use Axis Constraints option. The Display Rubber Band option draws a line from the object s starting location to its snapping location. Within any viewpoint, holding down the Shift key and right-clicking in the viewport can access a pop-up menu of grid points and options. This pop-up quadmenu lets you quickly add or reset all the current snap points and change snap options, such as Transformed Constraints and Snap to Frozen.
20: Advanced Access Report Techniques
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